I can’t wait to perform for President: Blakk Rasta Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta

Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent

With all roads leading to the Harare International Conference Centre for the Zimbabwe Music Awards tomorrow, visiting Ghanaian reggae star Abubakar Ahmed who is popularly known as Blakk Rasta in the entertainment circles has promised fireworks.

The musician has dedicated a song to the President titled “Mugabe” which he released five years ago.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald Entertainment, Blakk Rasta said since the release of the song he vowed not to perform it during his live performances praying that he would perform in Zimbabwe one day.

“Being in Zimbabwe is actually a dream come true to me because I have always wished that one day I would come to Zimbabwe and meet Africa’s greatest hero, President Mugabe.

“I did a song for him titled ‘Mugabe’ five years ago and told myself that I will never perform it anywhere else except in Zimbabwe.

“Since its release this is my first time that I am going to perform it. The song is about how eager I am to meet the President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. I cannot wait for Thursday (tomorrow) so that I will perform this song in view of a wonderful nation — Zimbabwe,” he said.

Commenting on why he dedicated a song to Zimbabwe’s President, Blakk Rasta said besides being Africa’s greatest hero, President Mugabe is actually a relative of Ghana since the late First Lady Amai Sally Mugabe was from Ghana.

“If you come to Ghana, President Mugabe is a household name, we see him as one of us, as our uncle since he was once married to our sister and mother Sally Mugabe. After all he is my hero and Africa’s hero. Look at his history, what he has done for Zimbabwe and Africa at large, who will not want to sing a song for such a gallant son of Africa, he is my President,” he said.

Blakk Rasta has promised the best performance ever, saying Zimbabweans must come for the ZIMA ceremony to see him and his band delivering their act.

“When President Mugabe was a teacher in Ghana, he had his favourite song ‘Seree Akoto’ which talks about African beauty and I am also going to perform it at ZIMA. I am urging Zimbabweans to come in their numbers and witness a performance of a life time together with my band.

“Those who are going to attend will not regret the night,” he added.

The singer is also expected to headline a concert in honour of the President dubbed “Well Done Bob”, which will feature some of Zimbabwe’s biggest musicians and is to commemorate his 92nd birthday.

This year’s edition of ZIMA will be running under the theme “Celebrating Leadership through Music”.

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