Lovemore Meya Herald Correspondent
CHITUNGWIZA residents worry over the high- speed chases taking place in the town with council tow-trucks chasing errant kombi drivers.

They said this was putting their children’s lives at risk. Mrs Mary Gumbo of Unit A said letting her children play outside the gate was now dangerous as they risked being run over by kombis and pursuing council vehicles.

“My child almost got hit by a commuter omnibus when it was being chased by a council vehicle. This is complete madness because we cannot be enslaved in our own community,” she fumed.

Mr Shepherd Ncube of Zengeza 2 called upon council authorities to place measures that did not put people’s lives in danger.

“It is a very serious problem we are having here,” Mr Ncube said. He said those involved in these pursuits should know that there are a lot of people who use the same roads.

“We are calling upon those responsible to place measures that enable our communities to be habitable without fear of being killed,” he said. Morgan Duri, a commuter omnibus driver who plies the Harare-Chitungwiza route, had no kind words for Chitungwiza Municipality.

“They are complicating our lives and we are no longer safe on the roads,” Duri said. “Speeding has become the order of the day and residents risk being run over.

“At Makoni Shopping Centre rank we are paying $2 to rank marshals for loading passengers, imagine when I get 15 passengers, what will I remain with,” he said.

Another driver for Makoni-Machipisa route said working as a commuter omnibus driver had become a nightmare.

“Before Park Rite came in, life was good in Chitungwiza. However, after their partnership with council, we are in trouble. One is required to pay $100 fine for parking on the roadside, which is unrealistic,” said John Moyo.

Chitungwiza Municipality spokesperson Mr Zephania Mandirahwe professed ignorance on the matter.

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