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The Salvation Army Harare West division yesterday officially opened a modern administration block, dedicated a solar unit and Women’s Ministries’ vehicle through the efforts of its church members.

Speaking at the official opening of Harare West Divisional headquarters’ administration offices in Marimba Park, Harare leader of the church Territorial Commander Commissioner Wayne Bungay said:

“We see the goodness of God when we witness good things amongst us. It’s good to stand here to see the magnificence of the Lord. We have gathered to witness the goodness of God as we have witnessed the dedication of the good works of God as Colossians Chapter 1 says. “We serve a supreme God who is still in control. We are grateful to dedicate these things back to God because everything belongs to Him. This divisional headquarters is a wonderful gift to God, a wonderful gift to the Zimbabwe Territory, as we see Harare West growing and increasing its capacity in its ability to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Harare West Women’s Ministries managed to have a solar system installed and purchased a van through the Helping Hand fund efforts.

“Having a solar unit is a wonderful tool for the ministry considering how erratic electricity is these days. This will help our leaders to continue their work despite Zesa outages,” said Commissioner Deborah Bungay, who is the Territorial President for Women’s Ministries and wife to the Territorial Commander.

Harare West Divisional leader Colonel Tineyi Mambo receives the keys to the administration block of offices from Territorial Commander Wayne Bungay:- Pictures by Salvationist Online

The vehicle is a product of the Helping Hand Fund ploughing back initiative so that divisions become self-reliant.

“We intend to achieve two things; to empower women to do their work and provide for their divisions and promote self-sustainability. Harare West is an example of self-sustainability because it is not about coming to Territorial Headquarters seeking for help. Today, we have been called down to dedicate a vehicle and that is a clear definition of self-sustainability and a good example of great work for the good of the division. We have seen the hard work of women in Harare West and I salute you for more work to be done in the future,” said the Territorial Commander.

Lieutenant Colonel Tineyi Mambo, who is the Harare West Divisional Commander thanked the soldiery of the division for a job well done for the great effort and milestones achieved.

He launched the vehicle project which he appealed to be done in the shortest possible time.

The event was witnessed by Harare West soldiers and friends, officers and soldiers from other divisions.

In celebrating these milestone achievements, various divisional brigades performed during the celebration service.

Harare West Division is made up of 16 corps (churches) and 12 societies with a church membership of 7146 senior soldiers, 970 junior soldiers manned by 29 pastors and two full time employees.

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