Haefelis opens in Harare

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
As the “coffee culture” grows in Harare with various shops popping up especially in the northern suburbs, Simbisa Brands has introduced their highly coveted Haefelis Confectionery and Coffee Co at Chisipite Shopping Centre.

The famous breakfast brand gobbled $1,1 million in renovations of a food court that also houses flagship shops; Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn and Chicken Inn.

The fashionable and classy shop is a third in the country but first in the capital with other Haefelis shops in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

It offers a variety of delicious confectioneries such as croissants, doughnuts and a wide range of cakes, all freshly baked at the shop. Also as part of their healthy breakfast gourmet, it has wholesome options including omelettes, French toast and fruit bowels, among other goodies.

There is also a wide selection of scrumptious café meals including burgers, steak rolls and filled baguettes.

Speaking on the side-lines of the launch yesterday morning, Simbisa Brands chief executive Warren Meares said they aim to make the shop all inclusive.

“The coffee culture is definitely growing in Harare but most of the shops have been very exclusively located in people’s backyards.

“With Haefelis we are inclusive of people from all walks of life,” he said.

Explaining the over a million dollar investment on the Food Court, Meares said most of their equipment was foreign sourced to ensure efficient service.

“Most of our chicken equipment is sourced from outside the country, in Europe, South Africa and United States.

This is what cost us a lot, at least $300 000,” he said.

The equipment includes pizza stoves, bakery equipment and a chicken fryer that processes at least 70 pieces in nine minutes.

Haefelis plans to open another branch in Harare at Sam Levy Village in the coming months.

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