Gringo producer cries foul

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Gringo producer cries foul The cast of “Gringo Troublemaker”

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The cast of “Gringo Troublemaker”

The cast of “Gringo Troublemaker”

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The producer of the hilarious comedy “Gringo Troublemaker”, Enock Chihombori says the film has failed to cover its production, a development he attributed to piracy. Chihombori said he was now concentrating on producing the DVD to beat piracy. “We are now selling our ‘Gringo Troublemaker’ DVDs with prices that only help to cover the costs of only producing the DVD and not the cost of producing the film.
“We were kicked out of business by people who were pirating our product. It’s going to be a miracle if we ever manage to recover money to do another production of Gringo,” said Chihombori.

Chihombori hinted that he was not going to produce another film anytime soon.
“Would a normal person want to invest their hard-earned money just to feed vultures?” he asked.

Initially, Chihombori had delayed the production of “Gringo Troublemaker” DVDs but pirates somehow clandestinely recorded the film in a movie house.
This was a big blow to the producers of the movie who for the past four months had somehow managed to contain piracy.
Chihombori said in April that he was not going to rush to put the film on DVD.

“We are not in a rush and we are not going to put the film on DVD any time soon. Currently, we are negotiating with local and international television channels so that they will air the movie.

“The film will also be in movie houses dotted across the country,” he said.
Chihombori was even happy about the success of the première and the response from movie-goers.
Recently, a Harare man was allegedly caught in a movie house while recording “Gringo the Troublemaker” on his mobile phone and recently appeared in court charged with contravening the Copyright Act.

Allegations against Manyawi arose on May 13 this year around 5.30pm, when he went to Rainbow City to watch the movie.
Rainbow City manager Garikai Nemi was checking the smooth running of the movies, when he found Manyawi recording the movie while it was playing on the big screen using his HTC tablet.

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