Govt warns demonstrators

11 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views
Govt warns demonstrators Minister Mathema

The Herald

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
Government has urged people and organisations who are planning to demonstrate to follow legal procedures or risk prosecution. This comes after reports that the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and its affiliates intended to conduct an illegal demonstration in the city tomorrow.

In an interview yesterday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Cain Mathema said they wanted to abide by the law.
“I understand that there are some people who want to demonstrate in the country against what they say is the untenable situation in the economy. I want to advise them that Zimbabwe is a law-abiding country. The President of the country is a law-abiding citizen.

“This is why he even waited for the courts to decide who won the elections in July, so all those people who want to demonstrate in public should follow the law, they must live by the law like everybody else.”

Minister Mathema said the law enforcement agents would not hesitate to bring to book those who want to cause disturbances among peace loving citizens by not following the law.

“If anybody does not want to follow the law of demonstrations or meetings, the law will come down heavily on them,” he said.

“We want everybody to participate legally, lawfully and peacefully in unity and in a patriotic way as Zimbabweans.”

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