Gospel singer Zinyongo launches new album Alexander Zinyongo

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Gospel musician Alexander Zinyongo will launch his new album at Ster-Kinekor Eastgate on Saturday.

Titled “Harvest Time”, the album is meant to bring souls to Jesus as it is mainly based on a message of repentance.

Zinyongo has invited fellow musicians Mathias Mhere, Kudzi Nyakudya, Bethen Pasinawako and Olinda Marowa to be part of the launch.

The musicians will help their partner unveil his new baby to gospel music fans.

Zinyongo said he feels the urge to preach repentance every time he composes a song.

“It is time to win souls to Jesus by any means. Christ is coming back and we should win as many souls as possible before his return. I am trying to touch souls through music,” said Zinyongo.

“I also believe that in the face of any challenge, victory is in the Lord. It is by the grace of God that we have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour. We did not qualify for such good life, but our lives have meaning because of His grace,” said Zinyongo.

With performance from the line-up of popular musicians, the launch is likely to be a memorable event that will make a new mark on the gospel scene.

It is likely to take Zinyongo’s career to another level.

He started pursuing music as a young boy singing in Sunday school choir as he was growing up in Muzarabani. He got inspiration from his father Lameck who was an expert in singing various hymns and led many church praise and worship sessions.

As he grew up and joined the senior church choir, Zinyongo travelled with the music mission to countries like Zambia and Mozambique.

He values the tutorship that he got from the late pastor Bernard Mukwaira of AFM church.

He released his debut album in 1999 titled “Jesu Ndishe” that introduced him to professional music.

“I have been working with various musicians in the gospel arena over the past years. The upcoming album in my sixth release. I am glad to have my brothers and sisters coming to support me at the launch. Together we will spread the word of God to many nations,” he said.

Zinyongo is currently a third year student of theology at Living Waters Baible College.

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