Golden opportunity for aspiring filmmakers

Golden opportunity for aspiring filmmakers Joe Njagu

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Joe Njagu

Joe Njagu

Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
Aspiring filmmakers and film enthusiasts will have a chance to gain knowledge from seasoned professionals at a film-making workshop to be held at the Zimbabwean German Society. The workshop dubbed “Full Introduction to Film-making” will run from October 7, taking place once a week for six weeks. It will be hosted by filmmakers and mentors, William Culverwell and Joe Njagu as well as international speakers that have been shortlisted for the event.

“The main purpose of the workshops is create a pool of well-trained individuals who are all on the same skill level and professionalism when it comes to film-making. We then can come together and begin to create high quality content and tell authentic Zimbabwean stories. We feel at this time it is the renaissance of the Zimbabwean film industry,” said Culverwell.

The workshop is open to anyone interested and requires no background knowledge or experience in film-making.

“We do have people who are creative and driven but lack the skills and training to execute their vision in the best possible way. That is where we come in. The first workshop is a full introduction into film making and once individuals have completed this, they will able to register for our advanced workshops which are aimed at directors, writers, cinematographers and more will available in the future,” he said.

Through this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create their own films from conception to editing.

The organisers said those who will excel at the workshops will be the first in line to be considered for big productions that are in the pipeline.

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