Gary Tight’s metamorphosis

Gary Tight’s metamorphosis Gary Tight
Gary Tight

Gary Tight

Saturday Lifestyle Reporter
Over the past weeks, the last one in particular, there has been a dissection of the man that is Gary Tight. It is a blessing and a curse that the young man, the fruit of legendary crooner Willom Tight, was named after another great voice in the arts industry. By Willom’s own admission, the boy was named after Gary Glitter, Willom’s father’s favourite pop icon.

He got the great voice evidently. But for someone who later on had many scandals of a sexual nature; many around paedophilia related sex scandals, which is obviously something grandpa would hope he would not imitate. And far from being a perfect kid, Gary has had his fair share of incendiary deeds. None that need him to be registered on the sex offenders list but enough to get people talking.

When his flame was flickering, he was Zimbabwe’s sweetheart. Young. Cute. Some would think gorgeous. Great voice. Promising. Sadly that is what most people would want to make sure he remains as. But children. Young stars. They have an uncanny habit of growing older. And so it was with Gary Tight.

Remember Macaulay Culkin? Christina Aguilera? Miley Cyrus? Britney Spears? Well oops Gary did it again. When Miley Cyrus became a wrecking ball and became a sexual animal, many were caught unawares and wanted their little Barbie-like Miley to return. But she never di . . .

Many in Zimbabwe were in awe and serious shock at the Tarrus Riley show when a “new” Gary emerged. Along with a host of rump shaking young women and the smell of testosterone and oestrogen in the air; almost palpable. Gary had grown to be a man. Many were offended and said “mupfanha arasika”. He had become lost. But the truth is like a cocoon, he has emerged and the old Gary will never return again. Say goodbye to the old child Zimbabwe. He is gone for good.

So when there are stories of him attracting lawsuits from women who want to be married by him, nobody should be surprised. Like Britney who became and sex symbol and Janet Jackson who ditched the braces to look smoking hot in velvety outfits, we should accept that Gary has changed and matured.

And while we are at it, that music, the sound, the trademark; that has all changed and there is a new sound to the young man. And maybe instead of focusing on the negatives; let us possibly embrace that the boy has finally found his own image, attitude and voice and matured.

Keep watching. Gary Tight has officially metamorphosed. And the best we can do is to deal with it and smile!

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