Expose corruption, Zimra urges media

Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Correspondent
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has called on the media to expose corruption at all levels and all forms of illicit behaviour, as these vices reverse the gains of economic development.

Speaking to journalists at a media workshop in Bulawayo on Monday, Zimra acting commissioner-general Mr Happias Kuzvinzwa said the media had a mammoth yet imperative task to expose corruption by naming and shaming corrupt individuals.

Mr Kuzvinzwa said the media as the “mouthpiece of the society” and opinion leaders should be whistle-blowers of corruption at any level. “Let’s deal with corruption,” he said.

“We are saying to our media practitioners let us work together to deal with dishonesty, illicit behaviour negates the gains of our revolution.

“We as Zimra will not leave any stone unturned in the fight against corruption.

“We know we cannot win this war alone if the society is corrupt. We call upon our media practitioners to join hands with us so that the golden rule of giver and receiver is dealt with.

“The media is the eye of the citizens, so we need media practitioners to highlight the footprints of money for us to follow. Media should help us expose those areas where people amass wealthy through unscrupulous means.”

Mr Kuzvinzwa said media should encourage compliance to taxpaying among members of the society.

“As we take taxation to the people, let us also discourage tax evasion in all its forms; smuggling, corruption, money laundering, transfer pricing and all forms of illicit behaviour, as this negates the gains of our economic development,” he said.

Mr Kuzvinzwa said Zimra will next week launch a new Electronic Cargo Tracking System, which involved the use of modern electronic sealing devices put on transit cargo at the port of entry and removed at the port of exit.

“Zimbabwe has suffered for a long time with regards to transit fraud,” he said. “As an authority and as Government, we are introducing the electronic cargo transit tracking system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, to curb transit fraud and illegal dumping of goods on the local market, the Electronic Cargo Tracking System is being rolled out.

“The tracking system is integrated into the existing ASYCUDA World system and allows real-time tracking of the cargo, up to the point of exit.”

Mr Kuzvinzwa said the programme had been successfully piloted. “Electronic seal devices report to ZIMRA in real-time any violations, that include seal and cargo tempering,” he said. “It also reports real time incidents when cargo goes off route or outside the geo-fenced route.

“The commissioning of this cargo tracking system would ensure that we are going for full throttle as far as 100 percent sealing of all transit cargo is concerned.”

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