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Exercise in winter in that fashion garb

08 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Exercise in winter in  that fashion garb Award winning fashion blogger and stylist Hollywood Lee in turtleneck dress

The Herald

Fashion 263 with Tafadza Zimoyo
While exercising on a breezy, 15-degrees Celsius day may not be as pleasant as a sunny or 35-degree day, just know it is possible and even enjoyable, if you do it right.

The key is to dress correctly.

Lightweight shorts with a long-sleeved shirt layered over a T-shirt or tank is a must have and once you warm up, you may want to remove the long-sleeve top.

There are also the lightweight running pants which you can pair up with a long sleeved shirt or light jacket, layered over a T-shirt. Again, just know that thermal or wind-proof pants will keep your legs warm, paired with a thermal base layer and winter running jacket on top.

As other people say, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Whether you’re heading out for a jog, run or walking in the park ,just gear up properly.

By the way, doing the correct way or exercising is not only for the affluent but for everyone. Remember we all need a healthy body.

A walk down First Street and a visit to Fourth Street bus terminus in Harare revealed that boots, ponchos and bomber jackets are now common.

But sometimes it is not properly done.

I laughed out loud with my friend Lillian when we noticed one lady with a heavy hooded poncho. Winter doesn’t mean that you should move around with blankets, carpets and six-millimetre-thick woollen hats.

We understand you have those overcoats but why can’t you wait for the temperatures to decrease further to wear them?

The challenge of wearing too many clothes (layering) is that, you end up sweating and feeling itchy.

If you think of layering, pick a lightweight jacket or vest in a synthetic material, like polyester or fleece.

And just know a wind-proof jacket, with or without insulation, depending on the temperature, makes a perfect outer layer.

Enough of layering.

For exercising in winter, try the polo-neck which is affectionately known as the “turtle neck”.

There is a myth that there are women who know what to wear as soon as they open the wardrobe.  But fashion is like eating. You shouldn’t stick to the same menu.

Here is a quick guide to rock the turtle neck for the ladies:

Wear a turtle neck under a shirt to kick things off. Taylor Davies suggests the “Alexa Chung-inspired layering trick’”

Wear a turtle neck as part of a matched set and keep an eye out for knits that come as a pair. We love the dramatic but super-cozy way paired with a matching midi-length knit skirt, you can add a belt if you like.

Wear a turtle neck under a mini dress and this is for my quirky girls.

For winter nights in town, layer a tissue thin black turtle neck under your favourite mini dress and wear both with tights and ankle boots.

This is easy, warm and extra-chic.

Wear a turtle neck as part of a monochromatic ensemble, winter whites!

This look can be tricky to pull off, but when you do, it looks impossibly sophisticated. Try wearing pieces that have different textures, and don’t be afraid to substitute white for cream and beige, too. Denim and cashmere, wool, faux fur, silk, and leather will all contribute to a stylish and everyday winter whites look.

Tuck your turtle neck into your jeans and add a statement coat. Yes, jeans and a tucked in turtle neck is the easiest and most obvious pairing (same goes for T-shirts, of course).

But to make this look pop, try seeking out a serious statement coat. Whether it’s textured with shaggy fur or a bold print. Suddenly, an everyday outfit feels totally special.

With all being said and done, fitting is an important key here and make sure your turtle neck doesn’t add too much bulk.

Till next week, enjoy your coffee this winter.

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