Enzo Ishall reinvents self

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Enzo Ishall reinvents self Teemark (left) and Enzo Ishall

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
Rising Zimdancehall artiste Enzo Ishall has embarked on a journey to reinvent himself. This follows a series of bad decisions which saw him producing music that alienated him from his original ghetto fan base.

Many critics strongly link Enzo’s downfall to working with controversial clergyman Prophet Passion Java, who bought the musician out of contract with Chillspot Records.

Their relationship failed to last after the musician realised his career was taking a nose dive, especially after releasing songs that failed to impress his fans. Some of the songs included the creepy “Highest Score” video.

Enzo Ishall also featured on the controversial “Ngoro” video done by Rachel J.
Ishall, who was recently signed by Malaysian-based music company Teemak Promotions for a staggering US$100 000, has already shown signs of career rebound with a new single “Urikutsvireiko”.

The song has been doing very well, amassing over 55 000 views on YouTube since its release on Friday last week.

Many music lovers have been endorsing the single as the “original” Enzo Ishall style, while some suggest the song is an indirect diss on Prophet Passion Java.

The “Matsimba” hit-maker’s manager Taona Oswald Chipunza aka Teemak said the song is a first step towards retaining the musicians’ glory.

“We are going to re-establishing the Enzo Ishall many have grown to love while also positioning him to go international,” said Teemak.

Part of Enzo’s deal involves working with international music stars and producers.
Some have disregarded the Enzo Ishall-Teemak partnership as the promoter’s way of gaining mileage from the musician, as he is little known musician.

“I have been very involved in entertainment for the past seven years promoting shows in Cyprus which featured renowned artistes such as Winky D, Killer T, Stunner, Jah Signal and even Enzo Ishall,” said Teemak.

“I’m saying this to correct those who think I’m just a guy with money who sprouted from nowhere to sign Enzo.”

Enzo Ishall is a Zimdancehall artiste who rose to fame with hit song “Kanjiva” a couple of years back.
Though having enjoyed fame, his career took a downward turn, first after his Chillspot Records handlers were reported to be milking the artiste of his hard-earned money, then through his involvement with Java.

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