EDITORIAL COMMENT : MDC-A goons must respect the law

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EDITORIAL COMMENT : MDC-A goons must respect the law

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So the MDC-Alliance has openly vowed to remove the constitutionally-elected President of the Republic before the 2023 elections.

Well, this is what is called planning a coup. This is planning to subvert a constitutionally-elected President. This is planned treason. Suffice to say, the statement is written treason all over.

In short, they want to institute a coup and we are sure they understand the implications of their pronouncement, given that they are not laymen.

Job Sikhala, the MDC vice chairperson, is a lawyer, forever excited by political mischief, and was the harbinger of the sad news at a rally in Bikita, Masvingo last weekend.

Very disturbing is the fact that Sikhala, who is a lawyer insisted the coup story was not a joke, but reality. We hope the Law Society of Zimbabwe has noted that a practicing lawyer is deliberately announcing that he is intentionally breaching the supreme law of his country. Of course, Sikhala’s attitude and ranting, speaks a lot about the calibre of lawyers in the MDC-Alliance.

For a political party that has more than five lawyers in its apex to attempt to avoid readily available legal, democratic and constitutional routes of ascending to power, it is clear and meditated treason. There should be no further explanation.

MDC-Alliance is a party of many lawyers. Its top echelons are packed with lawyers and we are tempted to question their pedigree, their qualifications and indeed their understanding of the law of their country.

Now it is important that before many people in the opposition get excited about this political mischief, they should understand that the law will always take its course.

Well-meaning and progressive thinking Zimbabweans, should see how the MDC-Alliance, attempts to do exactly the opposite of what their name suggests. Is it not a shame to have a party that uses a name they do not understand?

The MDC-Alliance has always had a sickening propensity to disregard constitutionalism. They disregard their own party constitution. They abuse existing democratic space. They abuse the country and its citizens.

They do no understand that democracy and rule of law are indeed the opposite of what they are practicing.

We believe, Nelson Chamisa and his party members must know that what they intend to do, comes with a cost. A total cost! It comes with serious consequences and it is unacceptable.

We had elections in July last year and MDC-Alliance had a chance to win the election, but it lost. Its leader Chamisa had a chance to win the Presidency, but he lost. Chamisa even went further to abuse the existing legal and democratic space by challenging the election result, fully knowing that he had no iota of rigging evidence. We thought that was mere political mischief, but we now see the excitement growing into treason. SADC, AU and many other regional and international election observer bodies certified the election free and fair.

MDC-Alliance must know that they cannot fool everyone. They must stop this mischief and gone are the days when they can run down this country, burn and loot shops all for their thirsty for power. The MDC-Alliance should know that this country is run by rule of law.

It is not a free for all. It is a country which has statecraft firmly in place. We are convinced that the security sector cannot watch the MDC-Alliance illegally take over the country, like they are watching a movie. NO. MDC-Alliance must stop this nonsense. We love our peace. We love our country. We are tired of their antics. It is time to move on with the country.

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