Dondo in new deal with Keith Farquharson

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Dondo in new deal with Keith Farquharson Sam Dondo

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Keith Farquharson is a popular name to those who follow yesteryear music.

He was part of the trailblazing Ilanga outfit that is rated as one of the best groups to grace the local music scene.

Together with the likes of Cde Chinx Chingaira, Andy Brown and Don Gumbo, Keith toured the country and made his presence in showbiz strongly felt.

Keith is now based in South Africa where he works as a producer, but he has kept good ties with musicians here.

One such musician who has worked with Keith is Afro-fusion singer Sam Dondo.

Keith did mixing on Sam’s first album titled “Dyara Minamato”.

This time the duo has decided go further and ink a bigger deal. Keith is responsible for the whole production process of Sam’s upcoming album that is being recorded in South Africa. The young musician said the talented producer’s touch is likely to bring a refreshing product.

“Keith is one of the best producers in the region and we are working together on the upcoming album. I want him to handle the various production stages of the album. I know his style will add great value to the album,” said Sam.

He said his first albums introduced him to the music industry and he now wants to claim his share in showbiz through strong synergies. The album will also carry collaborations with popular regional stars and a mega launch for the release is in the pipeline.

“I have engaged some regional stars and people should get ready for a good product. I have learnt a few things in the industry since I released my first album in 2015 and I believe those lessons will help me on my way to the next level.”

Although Keith is doing most of the production work, Sam will consult his previous producer Munya Viyali to provide a bridge between his albums.

“Munya is now based in Canada and we are still discussing how he can be of assistance on a track or two so that we maintain a smooth flow from previous productions. Keith understands my music and I know he will sharpen the music for a bigger audience. However, I feel that Munya should be part of the transition. It is going to be a great transition.”

Sam said he has not been able to do many shows locally because of a busy schedule, but hopes to launch the album with a big event. “I have been in and out of the country attending to other commitments. I have decided to take time off that busy schedule to ensure that I satisfy my passion for music. I am planning to have a big launch for the album. I will also accommodate some shows to take the album to the people.”

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