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Dino, Diamond Studios wrangle turns nasty

21 Mar, 2014 - 00:03 0 Views
Dino, Diamond Studios wrangle turns nasty Dino Mudondo

The Herald

Dino Mudondo

Dino Mudondo

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Rasta Kwasa musician Dino Mudondo’s latest album could go unnoticed on the market following the musician’s fallout with his record company Diamond Studios.
Mudondo alleges the company is refusing to give him his master copy so that he moves to another stable after they disagreed on the marketing strategy.
The musician accused the company of failing to launch the album as agreed and poorly marketing the project. The album “Ndakakupiwa Namwari” was released last year.
Speaking to The Herald Entertainment yesterday Mudondo said since his album was released the company could not put it on the limelight.

“They were supposed to give take promotional copies to radio stations but they did not. They had also promised to organise the launch of the album but nothing materialised until promoters Josh Hozheri, Patson Chimbodza and Biggie Chinoperekwi intervened to organise a launch,” he said.

The “Chirangano” hit-maker said discussions with the recording company boss Steady Munyanyi were fruitless as he promised the musician a UK tour.

“At one point I told him that I wanted back my master copy but he told me was working on my UK tour which never materialized. They are not even doing anything to make the album known,” said Mudondo.

The musician added that he has now been told the master copy cannot be found.

“Now his wife told me that my master copy cannot be found yet they are not selling my music and they failed to assist me at the launch of my album,” he said.

Mudondo he was considering re-recoding his album at another studio.

Diamond Studios artists manager John Muroyi said Mudondo was a liar who took falsehoods to the press.

“We have sold his music but we are surprised to hear it from the press that we are refusing to give him his master copy let him come today and collect it,” said Muroyi.

“He admitted that they did not send CDs to the radio stations.

“I was about to print the sleeves of the CDs for radio but the information he gave the press led to our disagreement before I approached the stations.”

Mudondo said he is now depending on live shows to market his new songs. Tonight he performs at Pamuzinda Ice and Fire with Alick Macheso, Leonard Zhakata and Shinsoman.

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