Devolution funds: Mudzi RDC completes clinic

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Devolution funds: Mudzi RDC completes clinic The construction of Chimango Clinic in Mudzi District has been completed, bringing health services closer to villagers

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Victor Maphosa recently in MUDZI

The construction of Chimango Clinic in Mudzi District, through the use of devolution funds, has been completed, much to the relief of hundreds of villagers.

Mudzi Rural District Council deployed devolution funds towards construction of Chimango Clinic, as it plays its part in the attainment of the nation vision of transforming Zimbabwe into an upper middle income society by 2030.

President Mnangagwa’s administration operationalised devolution in a bid to improve crucial infrastructure such as clinics and schools in communities so that people don’t walk for long distances to access the services.

Located about 40km north of Mudzi Growth Point, Chimango Clinic will rescue villagers that are presently walking for up to 20km to the nearest clinic.

While construction of the clinic has been completed, it is yet to open doors to the public.

Work on the clinic started in 2012 but stalled due to financial challenges.

But after the Second Republic came and introduced devolution funds, work resumed after Mudzi RDC channelled part of its allocation towards constructing the clinic.

Recently, council executives toured the clinic whose structure is 100 percent complete.

Mudzi RDC chief executive officer, Mr Victor Nyamutswa, said they were happy to be fulfilling Government programmes and aspirations.

“The project commenced as far back as 2012 and is a brainchild of the ZimAsset (Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation),” said Mr Nyamutswa.

“Devolution took over the project and we were able to complete all the outstanding works, including the water reticulation and electrification process where solar power will be used.

“We are looking forward to opening this clinic soon and for it to serve the community.”

Vice chairperson of the Chimango Clinic committee, Mr Elija Chitonje, saluted villagers for working in unity towards the establishment of the clinic.

He applauded Mudzi RDC for using devolution funds to complete the construction of the clinic which will help many people.

Some villagers who were part of the tour of the clinic, thanked the Government for the project, with Ms Judith Gute, appealing for the quick opening of the clinic so that they benefit.

“We are appealing to the authorities to now open it for us.

“As you can see, we do not have any clinic nearby, so most of the people walk for long distances to the nearest clinic.

“Some have lost lives while others gave birth at home, which is not desirable. So if this one closer to us is opened, surely our problems will be over,” she said.

Amai Kaverenga said the project started a “long time ago and it was not easy for us since we were moulding bricks for the clinic to be constructed”.

“We had challenges accessing health service, hence our passionate contribution for this clinic to be constructed.

“Women are the most affected when a family member falls sick; we walk for up to 20km carrying a child to get to the nearest clinic.

“We are now pleading with the Government to address our plight by opening this clinic for us,” said Amai Kaverenga

Mr Kedson Chiroodza said he was happy as a villager that his contribution has borne long-lasting fruits.

“The days of walking for long distances will be over for many of us. We have old people in these villages who have difficulties walking for long and can also not afford to hire a vehicle to take them to hospital.

“So the coming of health services closer to them is commendable. What Government has done is great and we thank the President and our council.”

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