DeMbare coach attacks ZBC crew

DeMbare coach attacks ZBC crew Paulo Jorge Silva
Paulo Jorge Silva

Paulo Jorge Silva

Eddie Chikamhi Sports Reporter
DYNAMOS coach Paulo Jorge Silva yesterday disgraced himself and the country’s biggest and most successful football club when he attacked a ZBC crew and manhandled a female cameraperson at their training ground.

The nomadic 43-year-old coach did the unthinkable by throwing away the tenets of professionalism, which he claims to uphold, when he charged at the cameraperson, Vivian Bangamu.

He then snatched the camera, demanding that she delete the footage she had captured after their morning training session at Prince Edward School.

Bangamu, who sprained her wrist in the scuffle, was only saved by her counterpart Francis Nyamutsamba and Dynamos assistant coach Lloyd Mutasa, who had to wrestle to restrain the menacing coach.

The journalists said they had secured permission from team manager Richard Chihoro to visit the training ground and were shocked by the treatment they got from the coach.

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists yesterday condemned the attack on the female journalist by the wayward Portuguese mentor.

Zimbabwe Union of Journalists secretary-general Foster Dongozi said Silva’s wayward behaviour was uncalled for and they will lodge a formal complaint with the relevant authorities.

“We will certainly be lodging a complaint to ZIFA, Premier Soccer League and Dynamos following this rogue and barbaric attack on one of the media personnel.

“It was very regrettable that it happened that way.

“We have always highlighted to both the Government and the stakeholders that media predators such as this Dynamos coach are very dangerous to members of the profession.

“So we would like to warn ZIFA, the Premier Soccer League, Dynamos and their coach that he should behave in a professional manner towards members of the media or else we stop covering their events.

“We would also like them to guarantee the safety and life of journalists when doing their duties in these events.

“If the coach has a problem with the media, he should report to the Voluntary Media Council or to the Zimbabwe Media Commission. He can also make a civil case if he feels offended by a certain journalist or paper.

“I am told they had been granted permission to cover that event but then if the coach had other ideas and did not want interviews, he should have just said so rather than attack a person doing her job.

“Again, if Silva feels what has been reported about him, which is making him this angry has no truth in it, as ZUJ we would want to challenge him to call a Press conference and clearly state his position.

“He should just prove himself that he is what he claims to be instead of resorting to such barbaric actions,” said Dongozi.

Silva has been involved in personal wars with the local media amid questions of his credentials and it appears he is now losing the battle and has taken it to all journalists.

There are also reports that Silva also routinely uses the “f-word” when he is screaming at his players and backroom staff.

The Portuguese coach last Sunday refused to grant interviews to some members of the media after the two friendly matches against Division One sides ZRP and WhaWha.

Efforts to get a comment from Silva or the Dynamos officials were fruitless.

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