Daughters in Charambas’ footsteps Eternity (left) and Shalom Charamba

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Gospel music couple Pastor Charles Charamba and Mai Olivia Charamba say their two daughters, Shalom and Eternity, have made the family proud after their debut singles were received well on the gospel music scene.

Shalom and Eternity recently released their separate singles and music followers have been commending the pair for starting off well.

Shalom (22) released “Mbiri Yose” while Eternity (18) did “Tonamata” and both singles have attracted considerable hits on YouTube.

The Charambas said the family did not persuade the daughters to take up music, but the young ladies have been pestering their parents for studio time.

Because of a background that involves the music business almost daily, it seems all the couple’s children are inclined towards the art.

The Charambas have five children — three daughters and two sons — who have all had a feel of the recording studio.

The family runs a studio at home, which has made it easy for the children to be interested in singing.

Pastor Charamba said it was easy for producers to work with Shalom and Eternity because of the strong music background that has inspired them to follow their parents’ footsteps.

“We did not anticipate such a massive response and we would like to thank music followers for supporting our daughters in such a big way. It is not often that musicians get such massive response to debut releases,” said Pastor Charamba.

“They have started on a good note and such a response should inspire them to keep the momentum they have set with their singles. They are working on an album that will be released in the near future and they are optimistic that other songs coming after these debut releases will enhance their great entry into the music industry.”

Pastor Charamba said he saw potential in their daughters since they were young and their interest in music has been growing over the years. “We were waiting for the right time to introduce them to the world, but they have been doing music since they were young. We have seen how their interest continued growing and we decided to support them.

“They are different in their approach to music, which makes it better because people will be able to differentiate their styles.”

Shalom and Eternity are backed by Fishers of Men, an arrangement that will make it easy for the family to work together at live shows.

Mai Charamba said every mother was proud of daughters that did well in any facet of life and she was hopeful Shalom and Eternity would scale greater heights than their parents in music.

“It is every parent’s wish to see their children doing better than them. It is also every mother’s wish to see daughters doing well. When daughters do not do well, it is the mother who usually takes the blame,” said Mai Charamba.

“When parents achieve certain things, they wish their children can excel beyond that level. It is my wish that these daughters and any of their siblings who will follow our footsteps do better than us.”


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