Covid 19: Staying safe in staff canteens

Roselyne Sachiti

Features, Health and Society Editor

During the lockdown, workplace canteens have remained open to cater for the needs of employees and have been conveniently reducing the numbers looking for food outside.

In canteens employees often mix and mingle as they eat their meals.

However, some may forget to practice social distancing as they become comfortable around each other.

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Guide on Social Distancing at Food Outlets in Zimbabwe, there is no evidence that coronavirus is transmitted through food.

The MOHCC notes workplace canteens may remain open where there are no practical alternatives for staff to obtain food.

The MOHCC gives the following advice applies to staff canteens:

  • As far as reasonably possible, a distance of at least 1metre should be maintained between users
  • Staff can continue to use rest areas if they apply the same social distancing
  • Notices promoting hand hygiene and social distancing should be placed visibly in these areas
  • If possible, increase the number of hand washing stations available

It is important to follow set regulations to reduce the number of infections in the workplace.

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