Concern over rise in murder cases

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Concern over rise in murder cases Asst Comm Nyathi

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Police are worried about the rise in murder and attempted murder cases were in most cases knives, machetes, axes and other weapons are being used to settle disputes.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said most killings were being committed by close relatives, friends and lovers at beer binges.

While all killings start off with a murder report and any suspect brought to court on murder charges, the final charge at a trial or the final conviction can be culpable homicide, where the killer is to blame for the death through recklessness or negligence but did not intend the death.

Police in Filabusi received a report on Sunday of the death the day before at a bottle store at Mavhangwe Shopping Centre.

The suspect, Newman Mafu (23) waylaid Nkosana Dube (25) and Mehluli Ntokozo Nkala (26) and using a knife stabbed Mafu on the chest and Dube in the back.

Earlier, the suspect had accused Mr Dube of giving him too little money which they had realised after selling gold. Mr Dube was later found dead, lying in a pool of blood on Sunday.

In another case, police in Shamva recorded a murder case in which a 24-year-old man only known as Diva was fatally attacked by a group of machete wielding gang, led by Joseph Mutaiki (No further particulars known) at an open space in Wadzanai Suburb on Sunday.

The victim, who sustained serious injuries, succumbed to the injuries on admission at Shamva District Hospital on Monday.

“Similarly, on June 13, 2022, police in Mkwasine recorded a murder case which occurred on June 2, 2022 at Chipimbi Compound, Mkwasine, Chiredzi, where a suspect, Respect Dube aged 26 struck his friend, Khosi Majuta once on the head with a burning log after a misunderstanding over a knife,” Asst Comm Nyathi said.

The victim died on Monday while admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital and the suspect has since appeared before Chiredzi Magistrate Court where he was remanded in custody.

On Sunday, police in Kwekwe arrested Colleen Putse (21) and Morris Banda (24) in connection with a case of attempted murder that occurred in Zhombe when the two suspects stabbed the complainant, Leanmore Mwazha (29) once on the stomach with a knife and struck him on the head with an empty bottle over an unknown issue at a beer binge.

Asst Comm Nyathi said in a related case on Monday, Reason Ncube (30) and Richard Hwinya (24) were attacked by four unknown men at around 2am while drinking beer at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre.

One of them was struck once on the head with an empty bottle, while the other one was stabbed once on the neck and abdomen with a knife.

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