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Comedian Mbudziyadhura bounces back

Comedian Mbudziyadhura bounces back Blessing “Mbudziyadhura” Chimhowa
Blessing “Mbudziyadhura” Chimhowa

Blessing “Mbudziyadhura” Chimhowa

Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
Popular comedian Blessing Chimhowa popularly known as Mbudziyadhura for his role in the “Gringo” series has bounced back with a number of skits on social media platforms.

Chimhowa hogged the limelight after featuring on a number “Gringo” productions as a garden boy assisting Gringo, the main character.

His recent skits have become popular.

In an interview, Chimhowa through his manager Elder Para said the move was meant to keep the comedian active in the industry.

“When we decided to come up with this initiative, the whole idea was for Mbudziyadhura to remain active in the industry. These days the social media has proved to be real platform for arts products just like television. We will be releasing these skits on social media platforms,” he said.

He however, highlighted that they want to create a new character away from the Mbudziyadhura character which is an Enock Chihombori copyright.

“We are trying to introduce a new character that is not Mbudziyadhura since the Mbudziyadhura character belongs to Enock Chihombori who writes “Gringo” series. For a start we have not given him a name in the skits”, he added.

He said they are working with different writers to come up with the scripts and are looking forward to work with Enock Chihombori too.

“We are open to any writers who would want to come up with different skits and have since talked to Enock and he promised to add some of his skits too.

“Since we want to create comedy out of everyday life, you will see that we are going to incorporate a number of familiar faces in the entertainment industry from comedy to music, some of the people who are going to be part of this are Bhutisi and Kedha from the PO Box Reloaded. We have talked to musicians like Diana Samkange and they are going to be part of the skits also,” he said.

Elder Para said when resources permit they want to take the skits to the big screen.

“We want to make the public laugh and have fun and if we manage to pool necessary resources we are going to take our comedy to the big screen, that is our main intention,” he said.

Meanwhile judging from the three skits that have been released, Chimhowa is proving that comedy runs in his blood and nothing can take away the inborn talent.

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