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Commuters disgruntled over Council’s decision ...

Commuters in Harare have expressed disapproval of the decision by the Harare City Council to ban commuter omnibuses ...

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Club Manucho live shows light up Zindoga


Arts Correspondent

The shows are increasingly becoming popular and we are happy our initiative has brought a new dimension

Outdoor hang-out places like Mereki, Zindoga, Homeground and KwaFatso are mostly popular for braai and social interactions.

These are places where people meet with friends, workmates and relatives to discuss social issues while having drinks and roasting meat.

The gatherings start in the afternoon and run into the night, but people usually go somewhere else for night entertainment after such interactions.

The places rarely offer night life entertainment options.

Fun-lovers call these gatherings “warm-ups” interactions that come before real night life business, especially during weekends.

However, Club Manucho at Malvern Shopping Centre — popularly known as KwaZindoga — has brought a new dimension to the phenomenon through hosting an array of live shows every week.

The venue is becoming popular for the shows. The venue started by offering free shows and has now begun charging entrance fees because of its popularity and of the shows.

When done with braaing and drinking merrymakers eventually go for live shows at Club Manucho to kick-start their night adventures.

Although the club has hosted musicians of average popularity, the trick seems to be working well.

Club owner Emmanuel Mawarire said the live shows have been received well and they are considering broadening their choice of performers.

“We started with free shows and the response is good. We now charge a small entrance fee to cover for musicians’ performances.

“The shows are increasingly becoming popular and we are happy our initiative has brought a new dimension,” said Mawarire.

“We have set up a good outdoor facility that can host some of the popular musicians and we are looking forward to bringing them here.”

So far, musicians that have performed at the venue include Peter Moyo, Tryson Chimbetu, Douglas Chimbetu, Tendai Dembo and Romeo Gasa while dances Lady Storm, Bev and Zoey and have also graced the Club Manucho stage.

On Friday dancer Apama performs at the venue while Too Open (Goodfellas) perform on Saturday and Lady Storm takes the stage on Sunday.

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