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Thabani Jasi and Wessley Shasha Cool Lifestyle Writers
Littering has become a problem in most cities and towns in Zimbabwe. It is very common to see people throwing litter through car or bus windows.

Students at Cornway College took to the streets recently at Mabelreign Shopping Centre to raise awareness on cleanliness in a bid to have a clean Harare.

The four-hour clean-up saw about 20 students including workers from the council and the district officer sweeping the shopping centre grounds with their brooms.

In an interview with CLS, one student, Tadakara Mhlanga, said he was happy to take part as it develops his grooming skills.

“I wanted to do something with my friends to celebrate our clean environment, giving back to our community and show the people of our town how amazing we are. With amazing support from our teachers we were able to divide the place, shops on a map and split up into groups so that we could cover as much ground as possible,” he said.

The clean-up was part of several activities organised by the school.

Tadakara said there was need to for Zimbabweans to be educated and empowered about a clean environment.

“Not only that the city workers play a fundamental role in cleaning our environment but it is also vital for citizens to be aware how to live in a clean environment. If we educate each other we won’t have a dirty town, city and country.”

“We believe it is us who are going to change the attitude around a clean environment,” he said.

Chido Machingauta said they launched the campaign to inculcate into ordinary people “a culture of smartness” into Zimbabweans in general.

“If everybody works together we can make a difference and the motivation factor is to keep our country clean. Every time I come to this place I see all the litter, it disappoints me. I then decided I wanted to be part of this team to clean up my town. What we are doing is good because it is our country and town,” she said.

Chido said litter, especially plastic, was harmful to the environment.

“Besides the environmental damage, litter takes the shine off Zimbabwe’s cities. I believe more people should follow suit to ensure Zimbabwe’s cities and towns are litter free,” she added.

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