The Herald, February 28, 1989

HARARE City Council will from June this year introduce a medal of honour to be awarded to three citizens chosen for their outstanding contributions to the welfare of the city and its people.

The cost of awarding the medals will be $1 400 this financial year and will be reduced to $650 in coming years.

The medals would be about four centimetres in diameter, with the city crest on one side and the words “City of Harare”.

The name of the winner would be on the reverse side. Categories of winners of the medal would be chosen from people who contributed regularly to the Mayor’s cheer fund; coaches who offered free services in any sport; and office bearers of voluntary organisations participating in the city’s development.

Other categories include people who sponsor national or international functions such as art competitions, outstanding contribution in any sport in Harare and Zimbabwe and contribution in any field of human development.


A medal is a small flat piece of metal, bearing an inscription or image, given as an award or commemoration of some outstanding action, event. 

A medal may be awarded to a person or organisation as a form of recognition for sporting, military, scientific, cultural, academic or other achievements.

Italian painter Antonio Pisano (c. 1395-1455) is generally credited for having invented the modern commemorative medal, in both form and content, called Pisanello. His first medal portrayed the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaeologus and was made in 1438-39.

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