Chief directors, directors commit to fight corruption Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) commissioner for legal affairs Ms Jessie Majome addresses Chief Directors and Directors during integrity pledge sensitisation, establishment of integrity committees and signing of the integrity pledge against corruption hosted by the Public Service Commission at Masasa Training Bureau in Harare today :- Pictures by Memory Mangombe

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke Senior Reporter

More than a hundred chief directors and directors from various Ministries have signed Integrity Pledges as part of an effort to bring the fight against corruption to institutions.

Integrity Pledges are social contracts through which individuals affirm their commitment to act against corruption. Individuals are expected to conduct themselves honestly and openly in all aspects, abiding by the law and always espousing ethical principles.

The signing of the pledges precedes the establishment of integrity committees which will spearhead the prevention of corruption in all Government departments.

Public Service Commission secretary Dr Tsitsi Choruma, in a speech read on her behalf by general manager of talent management Ms Grace Machakaire, said chief directors and directors had been chosen to lead the fight against corruption.

“As leaders within our organisations, and as custodians and agencies, it is crucial that we set a positive example for those that we lead. As you sign the integrity pledge, you are re-affirming the collective dedication to fight corruption, promoting a culture of honesty and integrity,” she said.

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