CID warns public on vetting process

10 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views
CID warns public on vetting process Det Insp Chinho

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has urged members of the public to avoid cutting deals on the streets when they want to obtain police clearance, as they risk being issued with fake documents.

According to police, the public should follow the normal procedures when they want their fingerprints to be vetted for various uses.

In a statement, Criminal Investigations Department spokesperson Detective Inspector Portia Chinho said anyone who wanted to obtain police clearance certificates should approach their  offices.

“We would like to warn the public that they should avoid conducting dealings on the street as they run the risk of being issued with fake clearances,” she said.

“Remember, offices to which you are tendering the clearance want authentication of the certificate and will obviously engage the ZRP for clarification.”

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