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Chitungwiza gets $363k for road maintenance


Herald Correspondent
Chitungwiza Municipality will soon receive its annual allocation of $363 000 from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara), which will be channelled to the rehabilitation of the deteriorating road infrastructure in the town. Motorists are complaining about the poor state of roads.

Town clerk Mr George Makunde confirmed the developments, saying they sent an application to Zinara and are awaiting their share.

“We sent an application for our allocation to Zinara and we are still to get the money. I am not sure when we are going to receive it because it is their prerogative, when funds are available they will give us the money,” he said.

“We submit a work’s programme, which indicates the amount of work that we would want to do, the material we are going to purchase, the amount of tar among other things,” he said.

Mr Makunde said Zinara will disburse $363 000 each to all local authorities at once. “When we get our money, we are going to do a number of roads and some of the major roads includes the one from St Mary’s Police Station down to the New Chitungwiza Road.

“We also intend to do the road from Surface to Makoni and the one from council head offices to Unit C junction,” said Mr Makunde.

In a tender notice flighted in an advert, council said is expecting to get its share from Zinara.

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