. . . Chipinge water supply restored Government will rehabilitate hospitals to cope with disasters after Cyclone Idai hit Manicaland

Ellen Chasokela Herald Reporter
Chipinge Town Council in collaboration with Plan International Zimbabwe (PIZ) has restored water supply to the town that was abruptly cut off two weeks ago following damage to the water reticulation system caused by Cyclone Idai.

Chipinge had no water supply for 16 days after its 40 metre long 300 millimetre galvanised steel pipe that links Bangazani waterworks with the town was damaged during the cyclone.

PlZ director Mrs Angela Muriithi said the affected areas are in need of water

“PlZ has been responding to the Cyclone Idai emergency since March 16, 2019 and most of our activities have been in the hardest hit districts of Chipinge and Chimanimani.

“We have been working closely with the Chipinge Town Council in identifying, purchasing and delivering pipes and other materials required to rehabilitate the water reticulation system at the cost of US$10 000,” she said.

Muriithi said water is a basic commodity and something had to be done in affected areas to avoid diseases outbreaks.

“Rapid assessments done by both the Government and international non-governmental organisations showed that the water situation in Chipinge was critical, thus informing our response to act fast to rehabilitate town’s water supply to prevent the outbreak of diarrhoeal diseases particularly for children under five years old as it can be deadly.

“This intervention comes as a relief to about 20 000 residents in Chipinge, especially women and young girls who have the burden of ensuring that households have adequate water supplies for domestic use. Women and girls also need access to clean water for proper menstrual hygiene management,” said Muriithi.

Chipinge District Administrator Mr William Mashava expressed gratitude towards the council and its cooperating partners for water restoration in the town.

“The people of Chipinge highly appreciates the Government efforts of prioritising water since its absence is a recipe for disaster. Parts of town and Gaza high density suburb are already receiving the priceless liquid.

“The local authority is making efforts to ensure that the entire town gets water. As Chipinge we would like to applaud the team effort shown by our partners, the corporate world, private individuals, churches and the overall Government coordinating role that has resulted in all the district efforts towards mitigating the efforts of Cyclone Idai a success,’’ he said. PIZ has distributed food hampers, water containers, sanitary pads and 120 000 mosquito nets to the affected communities as it intensifies efforts to assist victims by way of restoring basic infrastructure and ensuring that the affected people access food and other basic necessities on time.

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