Chipinge Chief lays down marker

19 Feb, 2018 - 00:02 0 Views

The Herald

Manicaland Bureau
Chief Philemon Sonani Joseph Mutema of Chipinge has urged his subjects to buy into the developmental path set by President Mnangagwa, as he tries to spur development in his area in line with Government’s stated intention to promote local economic growth.

In a meeting with village heads, headmen and councillors who fall under his domain at Musani Business Centre last week, Chief Mutema said it was time for stakeholders to come up with timelines for developmental projects.

“We have been complaining over the bad Tanganda-Ngundu Road and look now, Bitumen World is resurfacing it,” he said. “From the reports we have received from councillors, one can deduce that something related to development is happening within our area.

“The time has come for us to give each other timelines for the speedy finishing of projects.” Chief Mutema regularly superintends such meetings in order to gauge progress in his realm.

Most traditional leaders who attended last week’s meeting expressed concern at the reluctance of local authorities to drive developmental projects. They noted that the chief’s courtyard had not been built despite a 2015 consensus to erect the structure.

Speaking at the same meeting, Chipinge Rural District Council chairman Mr Philemon Muzamana said Government planned to built a second bridge at Birchenough — the size of Birchenough Bridge — which would accommodate huge trucks, as well as small cars.

“I am happy to announce that the new Birchenough Bridge would be constructed in the near future,’’ he said. The stakeholders agreed to meet regularly as they sought to move in tandem with the 100-day development programme introduced by President Mnangagwa.

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