Cement plant for Masvingo


year announced plans to establish Zimbabwe’s fourth cement plant in Masvingo after stumbling upon limestone deposits in the Nyanda Mountains.
Masvingo town clerk Mr Adolph Gusha yesterday revealed that the Chinese firm was still pursuing the cement-making venture, saying          feasibility studies were being carried out to establish the limestone base at the site.

Mr Gusha said once the company was satisfied with the viability of the project, building of the cement-making plant would resume.
“We are excited about the prospect of a cement-making plant opening in Masvingo as it would benefit both the city and the province at large in various ways,” he said.
“The Chinese company that wants to build a cement-making plant at Nyanda is carrying out feasibility studies centred mainly around determining the extent of the limestone deposits that exist at the site,” the town clerk said.

Mr Guzha said the Chinese firm had undertaken to fund the city’s water augmentation project for the cement-making venture to be assured of adequate water supplies.
Sino-Zimbabwe has in the past requested council to provide guarantees of adequate water supplies for the plant before the two finally agreed that the Chinese firm will pour in the money.


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