Hildegade Manzvanzvike

1 year ago | March 22, 2017

Women in politics: Lessons from SA’s Moonsamy

Hildegarde Arena MAGDALENE Moonsamy is an Economic Freedom Fighters member and lawyer.

1 year ago | March 15, 2017

Mujuru interviews: The Agenda

Hildegarde The Arena — By end of day Monday, my adrenalin was pumping. It wasn’t as if I wanted to be a prisoner ...

1 year ago | February 23, 2017

How Vitaly Churkin helped Zim escape Chapter VII

Hildegarde The Arena IT was late afternoon on Friday July 11, 2008 when the United Nations Security Council held its ...

1 year ago | February 16, 2017

Talk is cheap, walk the talk Mujuru!

Hildegarde The Arena THIS is an open letter to the interim leader (maybe the first interim leader) of the new political ...

1 year ago | February 9, 2017

US not so innocent: Trump

Hildegarde The Arena IF United States president Donald Trump were to do and say what he is doing right now here in ...

1 year ago | February 2, 2017

Saharawi, Morocco: More answers please!

Hildegarde:The Arena ON July 28 last year, I penned a piece — “Saharawi, Zambia: May the truth be known!” In a world ...

1 year ago | January 12, 2017

Exceptionalism, election meddling, goodbye

Hildegarde The Arena— WE are not equating ourselves with the creator, but there are times when you feel that “a ...

1 year ago | December 21, 2016

Cherry-picking to get a Mugabe story

The Arena Hildegarde The Oxford English dictionary defines foreword as “a short introduction to a book, typically by a ...

1 year ago | December 1, 2016

Ode to Fidel Castro Ruz

Hildegarde The Arena— WHEN news of the passing on of El Commandante Fidel Castro Ruz on Friday, November 25 was ...

1 year ago | November 10, 2016

Time to build bridges Mr Trump

The Arena with Hildegarde THE gruelling fight in the US presidential election has come and gone. As with any contest ...