Case study of the old Corona group of viruses Vs the new normal WHO has not declared that the world is free of Covid-19, it has simply moved the virus down a level and made it, for practical purposes, an “ordinary” flu virus that can still kill and has recommended that people still take precautions, the sort of precautions they ought to be taking against other airborne diseases that will kill some of the infected.

G Kapfpidze

Guiding philosophy 

If you stray off any road no road will ever follow you, but instead it will continue without you up to the intended destination surprisingly will never report your straying from it!!

This therefore means that it is you who should go back to the road and re track it in order to arrive at where you intended to arrive and achieve what you intended to achieve and of course obeying the rules of the road.



Viruses together with moulds, yeast, bactria proper and rickettsia are the lowest forms of plant life belonging to the vegetable kingdom created by God on Genesis one verse 11, Nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9)


These microscopic organisms that cause diseases were discovered 334 years ago by Leuwenhoek by means of the microscope but were not associated with diseases by then until 180 years ago.



Viruses though standing at number five in family position because of their minuteness they are the Royal Family of the Kingdom.

Viruses can pass through porcelain filter that is impassable by ordinary bacteria and can’t be seen by the ordinary microscope (ultramicroscopic). They are crystals of protein causing such diseases as poliomyelitis, chickenpox, mumps, the common cold which is a prelude to measles and Influenza.

Isolation of Coronavirues before 1743


This 1906 Publication tells us that at least three types of Coronavirus were isolated from patients suffering from the Common Cold. They were so called because of their spikes that are Crown like hence Corona in Latin, but they were listed down as Influenza A, B&C.

Question: What is Influenza according to referent documents?

In 412BC, a catarrhal epidemic broke out and swept across Europe and was described by Hippocrates. And in 839 AD, another catarrhal outbreak swept across Europe and caused heavy losses to Charlemagne’s Army but by then nothing was known as to which Virus type above was the Epidemic character which was also endemic to Europe.

 What was clear here is the one year prevalent pattern. What was also operant here is that the infecting agents came in an influx form there by resulting their scrambling for the scarce nutrient Media, this result in the viruses seating at multiple sites producing catarrh presenting itself by many different strains depending on site e.g. nasal catarrh causing a running nose, frontal catarrh causing brow ache , maxillary catarrh causing face ache, throat catarrh causing sore throat, larynx catarrh causing laryngitis, below larynx catarrh causing a dry hacking cough, bronchial catarrh causing bronchitis, air sacs catarrh causing bronchopneumonia, gastrointestinal catarrh causing dyspepsia, constipation and diarrhea, bladder catarrh causing cystitis but all these strains were punctuated by fever, fits of sneezing, anorexia, nausea, difficulty in breathing and general body malaise is the case with Covid today.(Nothing new under the sun)



In Latin the common cold or nose catarrh is called Influsso from where we borrow our word Flu. Now the Italians noticed that this Influsso was coming in an influx manner and causing many strains after seating at many sites there by becoming difficult to give a single name to which gave the name Influxio for influx Influsso or Influsso coming in an influx form. In 1743 John Hux Ham a practioner in Plymouth stole the Italian name version but forgot to steal it together with its scientific pattern and introduced it to Great Britain by the most pandemic confusing and misleading nickname (INFLUENZA)

Influenza and Catarrh


The ref document tell us that influenza is an acute disease characterize by sudden onset, fever and generalized aches and pains which usually occurs in epidemics and pandemics with ref. to the epidemics of 412 BC,839AD,1830,1833,1836,1897 and the two pandemics of 1889-90 & 1918-19.

The 1918-19 pandemic is still the greatest pandemic which killed between 15-20 million people. The ref documents also say that influenza is said to be derived from Influsso which is the Italian form of Influxio which means (Catarrh)


Catarrh interpretation


Under normal conditions the mucus glands which lie under mucus membranes pour out just a little mucus just to keep these passages elastic, moist and slippery but when irritated by any irritant be it dust, gas or virus, the mucus glands pour out large quantities of mucus to soothe toxicity.

The secreted mucus mix up with the irritant substances to become thicker and purulent and thus form Catarrh (chikarararwa) where ever, whenever, however.

The 19th century scientific high way code

To facilitate proper microbiologic differential diagnosis, rules, principles and methodologies were laid down by Sir Kochi and Associates.

 And these stipulations are still the basis of our modern microbiology today with little or no change at all and any changes must show how they have been arrived at e.g. Influxio has been arrived at by shortening influx lnflusso and Co-trimoxazole has been arrived at by shortening the phrase (combined Trimethoprim and Sulphamethoxazole) This is more so because it is in diagnosis that the highest medical skill is needed more than in Treatment

Rules of the road 


  • To prove that this microbe is causing this disease, three steps must be fulfilled,(a) finding the organism or it’s discharges in the lesion (b) that the organism is isolable (c) that it can produce the same symptoms on inoculation.
  •        To distinguish an organism combine shape, color, size, disease and appearance and not appearance alone as in saying Corona virus because H.I.V and C.P.V. the catarrh producing virus do both have protein keys or spikes that are Corona in appearance, they are both round and the flu Viruses on page 10 in Grade 3 science book are also round and spiked and therefore they’re also coronaviruses.
  •        If the word COVID is referring to Corona virus diseases the above analysis makes the word COVID less distinguishing.
  •        The use of stain films to use color as designed by Sir Kochi in 1880 helps to differentiate similar microbes e.g. green and white Moulds and the different diseases they cause e.g. pneumonia and salmon respectively.

The name formula


If Gonorrhea is being caused by a round organism we remove rhea and substitute it with shape in Latin to come up with Gonococcus, similarly pneumococcus, meningococci etc. If round and appearing in chains its streptococcus, if round and appearing like grape bunches, its staphylococci if like a pencil and causing pneumonia, its peumo bacilli etc.

If we are using letters to denote characters like in vitamin A,B,C,D,E,,,,,,,,,, and if B has varies we use subscripts to differentiate e.g.B1,B2,B3 etc.



Three catarrh. Corona types were obtained but no variety was allotted to the first 6 epidemics and 2 pandemics above. Allotation only came to surface showing that catarrh coronavirus type A was the prevalent infection in the epidemics of 1949, 1951, 1955 & 1956 and type B was responsible in 1947, 1950 & 1954 and this was done in Britain alone.

Their one- man band character in operation coupled by one- year prevalent period correlated well with the 6 epidemics before.

 It is during the 1957 pandemic that it was discovered that a variety of type A was responsible for the 1957 pandemic and the pandemics of 1889-90 and the greatest pandemic of 1918-19 characterized by a two- year prevalent period.

It’s important to Note that this new pandemic variety of A was alienated as Asian virus instead of it being named variety A2 in line with the name formula above and this was blindly repeated in this 2019 pandemic.

And also of greater importance is to Note that if the Epidemic characters of type A1 and type B0 above change character and operate in duo and in sequel to the newly discovered pandemic type A2 thereby resulting in long COVID with Europe suffering more as was the situation in Britain in 1956, 1957, 1958 & 1959 & as is the situation in Europe today!!!!

Let us use the past to guide the future and shape the present, so be it.


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