Boost for Covid-19 fight

16 Jul, 2021 - 12:07 0 Views
Boost for Covid-19 fight President Mnangagwa received donations from business people at State House this morning

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Fungi Kwaramba Political Editor
AS the country scales up the fight against Covid-19, which has been surging, several corporates have stepped up to assist Government with various forms of donations that President Mnangagwa said will enhance the fight against the pandemic.

Receiving the donations, which include cash which will go into the Covid-19 war chest, as well as vehicles to the police that will be used in enforcing compliance to WHO preventive protocols and also fighting crime, President Mnangagwa said more companies should step up.

Sakunda Holdings donated 300 000 litres of fuel and ZW$261 million towards the National COVID 19 Vaccination Programme and procurement of medical consumables; while five double cab vehicles were also handed to the police to help fight crime which has also spiked in recent months.

The Harare-Beitbridge Highway Contractors donated US$500 000 with US$400 000 being channelled towards the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and US$100 000 towards capacitating Ekhusileni Hospital in Bulawayo.

CBZ Agro Yield also donated US$250 000 towards the rollout of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, with ZB Financial Holdings also putting US$50 000 into the same pot.

West Property Company (Private) Limited chipped in with US$50 000 towards the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme with businessman Mr Scott Sakupwanya also contributing US$100 000 towards the Programme; and the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe donated fuel worth US$50 000 towards the cause of fighting Covid-19 a global pandemic that has strained Governments.

In his remarks, the President said the positive gesture from the corporate world comes in handy as the country is battling to beat back a deadly third wave of the pandemic.

“This positive and generous response by the companies here gathered attests to the unity of purpose that exists among the people of Zimbabwe in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The tradition of coming together to lighten the burden in difficult times is in keeping with our culture as Africans and Zimbabweans. The health, well-being, protection, and recovery of our people, will indeed be enhanced as a result of these acts of kindness and compassion.”

He added that more companies should step up and help in the fight against the plague.

“My Government stands ready to welcome similar support from other corporates, individuals organisations, and development partners as we scale up our fight against the pandemic.”

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