Bogus chief of protocol, former senior magistrate in court over US$11 000 fraud

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

A former senior magistrate and his accomplice who lied to a client that he was the chief of protocol to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in order to fleece him money appeared in court over the weekend facing US$11 000 fraud.

Allen Nhamo Bhaswi (35) and Shane Kubonera (42), a former senior magistrate who is now a lecturer appeared before Harare Regional Magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa charged with fraud.

Prosecutor Mr Zvikomborero Mupasa alleged that in June last year, the accused engaged the complainant, Shingirai Nyengere, a legal practitioner for legal services and after that a social relationship developed between them.

Then in September, Bhasvi, allegedly contacted Nyengere and lied to him that he had the capacity to facilitate a US$60 000 agricultural loan for him as he was the chief of protocol in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office.

He convinced Nyengere to pay US$248 for the loan application and indicated to him that he was keen to assist him as a reward for having assisted him and Kubonera whom he called his brother.

Bhasvi further alleged that he had made arrangements with President Mnangagwa for him to be his property manager hence a commitment fee was required before getting the position.

The following month, Nyengere received a call from someone who was pretending to be President Mnangagwa saying that he had been told by Bhaswi that he was eager to work with him as his property manager.

Therefore, he was scheduling a meeting with him at State House. However, the meeting did not materialise as Bhaswi kept on saying the President had a busy schedule.

Later on, Bhaswi allegedly connived with Nyengere to give him US$2 000 after saying that President Mnangagwa had offered to assist him in importing a car and a tractor.

The court heard that on November 25, 2023, Bhaswi, allegedly enticed Nyengere to give him US$221 which he said was to buy an expensive wine for the President.

On the same day, Nyengere received a call from an unknown caller who introduced himself as President Mnangagwa and told him to pay US$3 500 for the importation of the car.

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