BAZ invites applications for radio

radio122Herald Reporter
The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe is inviting applications for the provision of local commercial radio broadcasting services in 25 areas. The invitation is consistent with Government’s recently pronounced policy to open airwaves to get rid of pirate radio stations that have been spawning anti-Zimbabwe sentiments.

In a statement yesterday, BAZ chief executive officer Mr Obert Muganyura said the latest invitation for aspiring broadcasting firms followed one that was made last year, but had few takers.

“This re-invitation is due to poor response following the initial call for fourteen areas, which closed in February of 2012, and failure by most applicants to meet the qualification criteria,” said Mr Muganyura.

“The Broadcasting Authority will be issuing a guideline on the qualification criteria in order to assist the applicants in meeting the qualification requirements as provided in terms of the Broadcasting Services Act.

“This guideline, which includes the documentary evidence to be submitted by applicants, will be published in this week’s Sunday Mail and Sunday News, together with the official call for licence applications.”

BAZ awarded the first commercial radio broadcasting licences to Zimpapers and AB Communications in November 2011.
Zimpapers went on to establish StarFm radio, which went on air on June 25 2012 that has since become a fully-fledged station and is popular among Zimbabweans from different walks of life.

BAZ announced in February that licences were available for companies and individuals that provide broadcast content.
In the notice, BAZ said the licences were “not subject to a public inquiry:” The licence applications fees range from US$300 to US$10 000 depending on what category the affected groups would be listed under.

Pirate radio stations that are driven by regime change agents have been broadcasting into Zimbabwe from the United States and other countries.

The radio stations air pro-MDC-T programmes and denigrate Zanu-PF, but the ruling party is still going strong despite the daily broadcasts against it.

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