‘Battle of Chefs’ Season 2 beckons

‘Battle of Chefs’ Season 2 beckons Contestants taste their food during a competition in the Battle of the Chefs
Contestants taste their food during a competition in the Battle of the Chefs

Contestants taste their food during a competition in the Battle of the Chefs

Lovemore Meya Lifestyle Correspondent
With the “January disease” feel hanging in the air, most people are at odds with what could really shake their mind as school fees headaches take toll after spending much during the festive season.

However, there seems to be a pain killer to those who are good at cooking or feel they have what it takes when it comes to preparing dishes.

Over the years, cooking has become a rewarding profession, although back then places like kitchens in our culture were best confined to women while men would busy themselves with more challenging tasks that include hunting, mining and fighting wars among other chores.

However, with the passage of time and the coming of technology and gender disparity has seen both men and women trying to outsmart each other on partaking tasks.

Today, many women have assumed jobs that once separated boys from men by going an extra mile to compete with them.

We now have renowned female pilots, engineers, doctors among other fields, a thing that tries to depict that culture is dynamic.

Hence, for men to challenge women in hotel and catering courses is no longer considered a diminutive task since they (women) have done the same by doing what the males can do.

This has revolutionised the world making it habitable where in families, couples can now share chores.

Only one question that can pop up on the way for those who think they have what it takes to prepare a good meal, is “Do you have what it takes to win a $10 000?”

This is what a professionally produced reality TV cooking programme “Battle of the Chefs” is offering and it has become one such programme to bring about changes in society.

Generously supported by Pick ‘n’ Pay, supervised and influenced by professionals in the hospitality industry as a panel of judges, the show is now entering Season 2 and the organisers are calling for participants with registration ending on January 20.

They said 16 teams are set to battle it out in the competition and organisers are promising nothing short of fireworks with the finalists pocketing $10 000 prize money.

The marketing assistant for the show, Bright Maliti said they have since registered 32 teams both professional and amateurs.

“It is that time of the year again when we see best chefs doing what they know best. The second edition of ‘Battle of The Chefs’ is underway which caters for both professional and amateur talents across the country,” he said.

He said finalists will be vying for $10 000 cash prize for their effort.

“Currently we have signed up thirty-two teams and we expect to close our registration on the 20th of January. Registration for the reality show can be done on three platforms that are: Battle Of The Chefs website (www.battlechefs.co), on our Facebook back and WhatsApp number (+263 776 402 402).”

Maliti said during the first season, contesters had great time preparing dishes.

“During Season 1 of the show, teams comprising two chefs competed against each other to prepare three dishes (starter, main course and dessert). Preparation of every dish was allocated 45 minutes.

“The judges that deliberate on the dishes were selected from Zimbabwe’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry, with the majority of them being executive chefs and restaurant owners who have a hospitality background and experience,” said Maliti.

He said on this show, the teams will be eliminated based on the innovative use of ingredients, presentation of dishes and the taste or texture with ingredients provided to the contestants.

“All applicants will undergo a practical audition which will serve as a process of elimination scheduled for January 21-22. However, successful contestants will need to dedicate approximately seven to eight hours per shooting day.

“Successful candidates will be grouped into sixteen teams consisting of two contestants each, competing over sixty days for a sole winner to claim the $10 000 prize,” he said.

Maliti said with a $10 000 prize money they anticipate the show to have huge emotions among contestants, which would yield enormous entertainment value to the audiences.

“The prize money on its own is going to drive creativity and intensify the degree of rivalry among participants which was not that much visible in Season 1.

“Battle Of The Chefs Season 2 is not going to be just a reality cooking show, but an educative and entertaining family show. Our ability to match international prizes for cooking shows has helped us to get endorsements by several role models in the Films, Tourism & Hospitality Industries,” he said.

Last year, the show was held in August while this year, it will have two segments the first occurring this month while the other taking place in July.

“We are looking at having two segments with the other one coming during the second part of the year and will be held in Victoria Falls as we seek to promote the hospitality industry.

“Each season is going to have 13 episodes running concurrently from time of production. Again, it should be noted that this is not going to be just a Zimbabwe show but we intend to take it to other countries in the region.”

Season 2 of the reality show will feature Zimbabwe’s Celebrities in the Films Industry like Ben Mahaka and Kudzai Sevenzo.

A panel of judges from the renowned tourism and hospitality sector has been chosen and they are from Meikles Hotel, Bronte, Cresta and Rainbow Towers.

“Battle of the Chefs” is a Zimbabwean television show aimed at exposing culinary talent using a competition format.

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