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Gospel musician Trymore Bande is set to release his fifth album titled “ZvaMwari” to be launched in the first week of December. Bande courted controversy when he was labelled a Charles Charamba copycat after releasing his forth album “Zvakagara Zvakadaro” that sounds like the former’s music. However, Bande has gone a notch up and worked on his forthcoming eight-track album which he believes is going to earn him a name in the gospel circles. In an interview Bande was very elated to announce his return.

“I would like to thank the Almighty for blessing me so that I could come up with my fifth album. It was never easy since financial constrains were hindering progress,” he said.
He said by coming up with the title “ZvaMwari” tried to capture the imagination of many and convey the message that there is nothing that can surpass the omnipotence of God.

“In life everything that one does should put God first since with Him nothing is impossible. Like in my album each song links everything to the Father,” said the soft-spoken Bande.
On being a Charamba copycat, Bande said voices are God-given and it could be attributed to the love of one’s works.

“I could neither disagree nor agree that I copied Pastor Charamba only people are the best judges though what I believe is that God gives people voices that could resemble each other.
“But I would say maybe it is because I envy Pastor Charamba and his music and our relationship is not sour since we are all doing the same job of preaching the Word,” he said.
Bande said he knows quite well that mainstream gospel is a cut-throat competition and promised to fight hard to be recognised.

“My only prayer is for God to give me strength to fight on and produce music that is appealing and unique to all,” said Bande.
Like any other musicians, Bande is finding the going getting tougher in terms is shows and prays that one day these days things will work to his advantage.

The album, which is being recorded and produced by renowned producer Charles Ayibeki, is likely to give gospel lovers an early Christmas treat.
And some of the tracks to look forward to include “Ngwarira”, “Ngoma Ndiyo Ndiyo”, “Ndinobatwa neHope”, “Kusateerera” and “Zvenyu Makarangarirwa”.

Bande, who ventured into music and entered the studio into the same year, has four albums up his sleeve, the first being “Old and New Testament”, “Discover to Recover” (2008), “The Scriptures” (2010) and “Zvakagara Zvakadaro” (2013).

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