Backyard kitchens worry mayor Clr Makombe

Locadia Mavhudzi Midlands Correspondent
Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe has ordered the city council to remove all illegal vendors operating in the central business district following his recent tour of Kudzanai bus terminus where backyard kitchens have emerged.

Speaking at a recent full council meeting, Cllr Makombe ordered the town clerk to launch an urgent operation to remove all illegal vendors in the central business district as the current situation at the bus terminus was a health time bomb waiting to explode.

“You urgently need to bring sanity in the central business district as illegal vendors have sprouted in the city. My recent tour of the main bus terminus reflected a health time bomb as there are backyard kitchens operating behind vending stalls.

“I have seen vendors preparing sadza, relish and chips. That cannot be tolerated. You must also remove some vendors who are now operating from bus parking bays such that long distance buses are no longer getting inside the rank due to space shortage.”

He said council was losing potential revenue due to the disorder.

“We are supposed to be collecting revenue from all registered vendors, but it has also emerged that some space barons are now profiteering from our bays. We need to restore order and make sure there are no leakages as Kudzanai is one of our cash cows.”

Mayor Makombe also said council should invest in improving the ablution facilities at Kudzanai.

“The situation at Kudzanai toilets is so pathetic. When I visited the toilets, there was no running water and there was stool all over. Council is actually shortchanging the public who are paying money to operate there.

“Imagine the impression that we are creating for long-distance travellers who pass through our city when the main toilet is dysfunctional.”

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