Arts and Culture Trust assists the disadvantaged

Arts and Culture Trust assists the disadvantaged Instead of adopting foreign behaviours and cultures, teens are encouraged to preserve our culture

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
In a bid to unearth talent among disadvantaged communities, Hard Mashona Arts and Culture Trust has embarked on a scouting project around the country. Hard Mashona is a non-profit making organisation which is on a mission to identify talent in the youths with the aim of promoting and exposing different capabilities. So far, they have recorded music from many youths from different suburbs and signed five of the promising singers.

Andrew Musoni who is the executive director of Hard Mashona Arts and Culture Trust said they found it necessary to assist disadvantaged artists so that they may nurture their talent. “There are a lot of talented youths into different arts and we gave ourselves a social mandatory to help and develop individual talent around Zimbabwe,” Musoni said.

“We need support from stakeholders to help the youths achieve their artistic dreams and it is our aim to keep the youngsters off drugs by keeping them busy,” he added.

Youths are finding it hard to earn a meaningful living due to economic challenges and creating jobs for them is the ultimate solution. Many who fail to make it in their academics find themselves trapped in a situation whereby they cannot fend for themselves, which leads to crime because of frustration.

One young rising artist who was signed by Hard Mashona Arts and Culture Trust, Rodney Mashandure —known as Jah Master — has commended the work being done by the institution saying it has made a huge difference in his life. “Now am able to let people listen to my music because I can now record for free and I have also had opportunities to take part in several live performances which has improved me as an artist,” Mashandure said.

“It’s now easy to look for promoters because I have something to present to them unlike before when I didn’t even know how to go about being professional in the music industry,” he added.

Hard Mashona is also promoting visual artists while working with various associations that work with print makers, painters and sculptors among others.

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