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Artistes divert to other businesses

24 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Artistes divert to other businesses Jah Signal

The Herald

Clodine Manyozo Arts Reporter
Local artistes have resorted to investing in other businesses apart from their craft. This comes after the realisation that art alone will not see them through, but can only earn them popularity.

Zimdancehall musicians Stephen Kudzanai Mamhere, known as Enzo Ishall, and Jah Signal are some of those who are diversifying their trade.

Enzo Ishall has ventured into a detergent making business, while Jah Signal in now making snacks.

Enzo Ishall said he ventured into the detergent business to make more money rather waiting for shows.

“I noted that I need more money in life, so I decided on doing other businesses to make that possible,” he said.

The “Kanjiva” hitmaker said he wanted to invest for his children.

“I realised that the children of some artistes struggle after their parents pass on,” said Enzo Ishall. “I do not want the same for my children, so I decided to invest so that they may have a better future.

“This is the same thing many international artistes do.”

Enzo Ishall said he once worked for a chemical company.

“Before I started singing, I worked at a chemical shop and I saw that the business is something that can generate money.

“I also have an advantage of having friends who are chemical engineers, so they assist me in anything that I need.”

The Zimdancehall chanter said he wishes to invest in several businesses.

“I started with detergents, but I want to do more like perfumes and car sales so that I generate more income for my family,” he said.

Jah Signal, who is into snacks and stationery, said his art was not paying well enough for his survival.

“As an artiste I cannot live on music alone, it does not generate enough money,” he said.

The “Shinga Muroora” hitmaker said artistes go through dry spells, hence there is need for a contingent plan. “It is not always that artistes have live shows, so one needs something else to do to get money,” he said.

“A good example is the situation at hand now; no one is staging shows, thus money is not coming in from the music.”

Jah Signal said he wished to build a business empire and was open to partnerships.

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