Brenda Phiri Entertainment Reporter
Traditional musician Luckson Manluckerz Chikutu will once again raise high the country’s flag when he performs at the African Diaspora Awards to be held in Sweden this Saturday

The awards that will feature performances from prominent names like Salsa queen Maria Llerena from Cuba, Swedish-born Thandiwe Nthaisane among others.

The Zimbabwean traditionalist was selected to perform with his band, Zimbabwe Traditional Unity Band, and they promised to put his best foot forward.

Speaking from his Swedish base, Manluckerz said he was ready to take on the awards.

“I feel humbled by the recognition I continue to get as a proud Zimbabwean living away from home. Once again, I will use this opportunity to showcase Zimbabwean tradition,” he said.

The multiple instrumentalist, singer and song writer said she was mostly thrilled about being a part of the event as it promoted empowerment of African women and programs that develop the continent.

“We will perform songs from our latest album ‘Baba naMai Molly’. It has songs like ‘Together as One’ amongst others that are proving to be hits with fans,” he said.

The awards’ nominees are drawn from various disciplines like arts and business.

Manluckerz, on the other hand feels it is a step in the positive direction for his group.

The development comes at a time when the musician announced the cancellation of the annual Zimbabwe Music Festival Bira (Zimfebi) this year.

“This progress is encouraging. It comes at a time when he had to cancel the Zimfebi because of shortage of funds.

“Last year was different because we financed the festival with $10 000 prize money from a Stim organisation award in Sweden,”

“All hope is not lost completely. In spite of the misfortune, we are grateful of the contribution by Uppsala Culture town council, Piro AB and manager Catoméris,” he said.

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