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Zimbabwe’s marketing landscape continues to evolve as social media influencers secure prestigious endorsement deals and ambassadorial roles, usually reserved for traditional celebrities. 

Globally, the power of influencer marketing has grown exponentially, with the market expanding from US$1,7 billion in 2016 to a staggering US$16,4 billion industry in 2022. 

Embracing this trend, local businesses are harnessing the potential of content creators to propel their brands forward.

In a bold move, social media influencer and beauty entrepreneur, Faith Candy has added another feather to her cap as she was appointed brand ambassador for recently launched Zimbabwe’s leading messaging application – Talk Chart App.

The application which stands as a beacon of innovation, aiming to streamline communication while integrating convenient payment systems into its platform. 

Notably, the app offers high-quality video calls, eliminating the need for VPN usage in other parts of the world.

Faith Candy’s appointment as an ambassador represents a paradigm shift in the marketing landscape, highlighting the recognition and impact of influencer marketing in today’s digital age. 

Her service to the brand will signify the app’s commitment to engaging with influencers and leveraging their expertise to propel the brand forward. Speaking during the signing ceremony, Faith Candy expressed her excitement and appreciation of the honour.

“Becoming the brand ambassador of the Talk Chart app is an incredible honour. As an artiste and beauty entrepreneur, I understand the importance of effective communication in both personal and business endeavours,” she said. 

“Being entrusted with the ambassadorial role speaks volumes about the confidence they have in my ability to connect with and influence my audience.” 

“With my social media platforms as a powerful tool, I am excited to showcase the incredible features of the application to my followers and demonstrate how it can enhance their communication experiences.” 

She said that social media has paid so much as she is managing to sustain her livelihood. 

“I am a brand ambassador for many companies and this has put money on my table. I have managed to peon some business through that. The secret is in being professional. Avoid being used by people for the sake of exposure,” said Faith Candy. 

Faith Candy is a social media influencer and brand ambassador for many brands and is best known for her work with various companies in the consumer lifestyle, luxury, tech, and entertainment sectors. 

She rose to fame after being crowned Miss Curvy People’s Choice in 2018, and used her platform to open her own beauty shop.

In addition to her beauty business, Faith Candy has also pursued a career in acting and was nominated for a NAMA award for her role in the drama mini-series “Mwanasikana”. 

Her growing social media presence has allowed her to collaborate with a wide range of brands and companies, and she has established herself as a powerful influencer in her own right. 

With her talent, experience, and extensive social media following, she is a valuable asset to any brand looking to reach a wider audience.

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