Conrad Mupesa in Mhangura
Spirit Mediums in Mhangura have stepped up efforts to cleanse shrines that were used by Zimbabwe’s ethnic people to prepare for war against the country’s colonisers and among themselves.

The ceremonies, conducted by four spirit mediums, were held last week at the Gute shrine located 15km east of Mhangura town.

One of the spirit mediums, Ambuya Mwenje recited, while in a trance, the four wars fought by the Damba people against their enemies including the Rozvi, Ndebele and white settlers.

“The souls of those who were killed during the ancient wars were not consoled,” she said. “No wonder why a lot of misfortunes have befallen this part of the nation.”

Other spirit mediums who performed the rituals are Ambuya Hungwe, Ambuya Rukodzi and Ambuya Mutekedza

“We have come here to cleanse the blood of the fallen fighters who lost their lives during the pre-colonial era in intra-tribal wars caused by the need to control land and gold here at Gute, Jechenene, Mhare and Chowa.”

It is believed that during the pre-colonial era, the Damba people fought the Rozvi, who wanted to take over and control land belonging to the former.

According to Ambuya Mwenje, a battle ensued at Jechenene Mountain in Mhare under Damba, the Damba were locked in a battle against a group of people from Kapiri, which is across Angwa River in Hurungwe district.

“The Kapiri people wanted to claim ownership of Jechenene Mountain as it contained vast limestone rocks,” she said. The spirit medium also said that the Jechenene Mhare war ended after a marriage alliance.

Gute or Dichwe and Jechenene shrines are associated with mysterious incidents. Local have also called on Government to consider enlisting the shrines as part of Zimbabwe’s heritage sites for tourism purposes.

Government is identifying a number of shrines for possible tourism attractions for both the local and international markets.

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