Zupco CEO resigns

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe United Passenger Company chief executive Mr Brian Chawasarira, who was last year suspended on allegations of mismanagement, has been forced to resign.
Mr Chawasarira joined Zupco in 2012 and parted ways with his employer one-and a half years before the expiry of his contract.Local Government, Public Works and National Housing permanent secretary Mr Killian Mupingo yesterday said the parties “agreed to part ways”.

“Yes, technically I can say Chawasarira resigned from Zupco, but I understand they agreed to part ways. They agreed on some package,” he said. “To set the record straight, he was not fired.”

The parastatal’s finance director Mr Tendai Masaire is the acting chief executive. Reliable sources said Zupco representatives met Mr Chawasarira’s lawyers in December and soon after that the company paid him US$50 000 through lawyers. When he was suspended, he reportedly got payment of two months’ salary.

It is understood that Zupco gave Mr Chawasarira a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that had been bought by the company for US$148 000 two years ago as part of his exit package.
Investigations by The Herald indicate Mr Chawasarira was accused of failing to properly manage the bus company, resulting in it owing Redan Petroleum US$1,1 million for fuel, among other debts. It was also alleged that Mr Chawasarira allowed Zupco, being a company operating under a zero-credit policy, to accumulate debt.

He was also under fire for failing to properly manage retrenchments in Bulawayo resulting in affected ex-employees attaching buses.  Zupco is struggling to pay off some of the 300 employees it retrenched in 2011. Under his watch, workers at one point went two months without getting their salaries.

Yesterday, Mr Chawasarira refused to give his side of the story.
“What did the ministry say?” he said. “I cannot discuss work-related issues with the press. This is more of a private issue and it has nothing to do with the press.”
Zupco is struggling to pay off some of the 300 employees it retrenched in 2011.

Labour disputes dog the parastatal and several of its properties have been temporarily attached to settle court orders.

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    Its too late mate… you are in the cage already… we are aware of your scandal and time to payback is imminent.

    • Jotham

      You are just dreaming

  • Mimi

    Whatever the circumstances that led to Chawasarira’s throwing in the towel at least he did the right thing. And totally shocking in this very Herald issue is the news that ZESA’s CEO’s term of office has extended. What a contradiction, what a mess. Totally unbelievable given what ZESA is putting Zimbabweans through. It is disgusting.

  • J.touch

    I believe the Zupco board is to blame, they retain more that 50% of monthly revenue and CEO is supposed to reinvest less than 50%…wish he can say his side of story..

  • mhofela

    Ha , Chawasarira inherited all these things and anga asati aisa a foot on the ground and someone knows this. He`s being sacrificed kuti pangonzi paitwa something..Ma reasons aya akatsvagiridzwa..But anyway good for the man

  • Marz

    The board also needs an overhaul

  • Mbada Murenje

    Mismanagement has proved to be paying more, I wish I were a poor manager. All bad managers are getting more than the loss they caused. Law is low, less effective and useless given how it has been used to defend thieves i Zimbabwe.

  • Conspiracy

    and ZIFA under Cashbert Dube has been struggling to pay 4 retrenched employees since 2011 who have attached buses and buildings.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Here is what all humans with some conscience must do. Resign if your leadership is questioned and especially if you feel you are tainted. Some say Nyagumbo was a coward but I think he was a man. A human being who could not stand seeing the wrong he had done. I respect him.

  • chokwadi

    pamaitora mabuz e zupco muchienda kurally aifamba ne greenfuel or airfuel,you cant expect it not to accumulate a debt..akaramba momuti sellout .just sale this zupco thing to zanu pf.

  • tapiwa

    that zupco place

  • YOWE78

    izvo!!!! munhu kana aiita huwori they allow that person to resign vomupa package futi pamusoro NYIKA ino nxaaaa

  • makwavararama

    These days maboards are the biggest culprit

  • George

    What was his Monthly salary & perks ? Okunye lokhu asifuni ukukuzwa.

  • Tamuka

    Board fired/resigned this guy so that their corrupt activities could not be revealed. Just wait for the new guy coming to facebook……..zvana Baba Jukwa mahumbwe aya!!!!

  • Tamuka

    Mai ava vanofarira zvecorruption izvi. Saka vebepa nhau vakanyarara zvotaugwa nani. Kana mune twenyu gogo imi tuchabuda pachena rimwe zuva. Rine manyanga hariputirwe…….

  • theo

    Sorry guys what a joke you have a senior manager who has mismanaged a company has shown huge losses and than you need to pay him on top of that to get rid of him. sorry but where is our legal system standing here, at what point can these senior managers who have miss managed their corporation been prosecuted. does not anybody think that this is the time to pass certain laws who can do that.

  • Peter

    Chawasarira tried his best. ZUPCO is the most visible long distance bus on the road. They are always on time. Well tried mate.

  • Mimi

    Actually to be blunt it is only in Zimbabwe that people are rewarded for being corrupt.