VP Mphoko now Acting President

Herald Reporter
Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has with effect from today assumed the capacity of Acting President until the end of the month, when President Mugabe returns from his traditional annual leave.

Cde Mphoko is taking over from his counterpart, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had been acting in the same capacity from the time President Mugabe commenced his annual leave in December last year.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services secretary Mr George Charamba confirmed the development in a statement yesterday.

“Honourable Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko assumes the capacity of Acting President from tomorrow (today) 10th January, 2017, in the absence of His Excellency the President R.G Mugabe, who is still on his traditional annual leave,” said Mr Charamba.

“Vice President Mphoko will act up to the end of this month when His Excellency the President is expected back in the Office.”

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  • Chinyama

    Zvine basa reyi nesu. Whether aripo kana haapo. Hapana musiyano.

  • #TeamMugabe #TeamBob #TeamAmai

    And thankfully Cde Auxilia Mnangagwa did not claim she is the “Acting First Lady” or the “Acting Amai President” this time around.

  • Karikoga

    What if the President becomes incapacitated, who gonna take over?

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Now to implement strategic decisions not just the talk talk of the last session!

  • Wanga

    Hahahahaha. Banana Republic.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I don`t share your right to think like that! The leaders are there because of our democratic system that elected our government. In any country those in opposition like you will always cry like you. But they will be given opportunity to elect their own leaders they like, constitutionally . If you think the opposition lot headed by Tsvangison/Mai Mujoy will meet your desire, the bridge to cross is in 2018! Usangochema chete kuti yowe, yowe, when opportunity to choose will come constitutionally in 2018 i.e, next year. In short, we have a President and his two appointed Vice Presidents in our motherland! Its the people who decide who is clueless and useful. The choice is not done in the social media or on arm chair desk politics! The ballot box! Unfortunately for you, all indications are that your opposition lot will be ruthlessly or thoroughly boxed out by ZANU PF, in free and fair elections!

  • Chirimusango

    will that change anything?

  • #TeamMugabe #TeamBob #TeamAmai

    Baba and Amai were chosen by God to rule Zimbabwe.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Iwe Hombarume, , ours are still leaders. What the nation debates is whether they are good or whatever leaders. Your political subjectivity is not plausible at all. All leaders have weaknesses . If God showed a weakness in creating Lucifer and tried to save the sinning created by sending Jesus, why do you expect human leaders created in the image of God to be sinless and good angels? Which human leader under the Sun has no weakness? You glorify Western leaders who run/ran economies built on slavery sinning? You emulate leaders who are satanic in their designs to exploit developing nations ? You love Bushes& Blairs for imposing sanctions on your economy and when you suffer you pray for their satanic imposing of sanctions over Zimbabwe? Just because we took back our land stolen colonially? You should try to see beyond your nose on issues bedeviling our economy and leadership, before you naively compare. MDC supporters were celebrant on their leadership before Morgan went lecherous and clueless on elections fighting. Bush and Blair lied over Saddam Hussein and killed innocent souls but were not sent to the Hague court. Please stop your shallow moralizing over leadership. There are sinners even in the Vatican,or other Churches masquerading in the name of Jesus` Holiness!

    • Hombarume

      Cde. Let me humbly ask if you are fine upstairs? Or its a vacated castle full of bats?
      The things which you wasted your time saying is irrelevant. Western Leaders (I said George Washington, if you are familiar the crossing of Delaware tiver)
      Where did i mention the following: Bush, Blair, Sanctions, Vatican, Churches, Holiness, MDC supporters, Land, Developing Nations, Exploitation…
      I was only explaining Leadership. Please look for another post to publish your reply.

      • Humphrey

        he will not reply now, vanoda vekupomera chete as always, who told them to unvade farms and cause hyperinflation, now gushungo diaries is flourishing asi vakatora ma dairy farms vakadya nyama everyday nekusafunga ka, CDE havana kana 1 brain cell #jonhso

  • Profmununhema

    What is the substance of this Acting First lady. Majoring on minor has put Zimbabwe in the current state. Macro issues are not prioritized. Thats why a cup you can find at Mupedzanhamo or wherever inscribed i am the boss can cause one we should be pride with for learnedness to appear foolish because they want to avoid their cases by blowing issues out of proportion to acquire patronage mileage.

  • Hombarume

    If you are not Johnso, why did you reply?

  • Hombarume

    I forgot that one for sure. They take pension and admire their years of hardwork and enjoy the fruits thereof…