Violent clashes rock Zanu-PF

Zanu-PF Youth League members fight at the revolutionary party’s offices at Davies Hall in Bulawayo yesterday

Zanu-PF Youth League members fight at the revolutionary party’s offices at Davies Hall in Bulawayo yesterday

Pamela Shumba Bulawayo Bureau
VIOLENT scenes erupted at Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial headquarters, Davies Hall, yesterday when rival groups clashed during a provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting.

The violence saw provincial youth league chairperson Cde Anna Mokgohloa being assaulted by war veterans, while Bulawayo Central District chairperson Cde Magura Charumbira was stabbed in the head and face.

Video of youth league chairperson Cde Anna Mokgohloa’s assault on

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Youths and war veterans laid an almost six-hour siege at the hall while Central Committee members, Politburo members, provincial executives and legislators were holed up inside.

Anti-riot police had to be called in to control youths who were trying to stop the executive from holding the meeting, accusing the provincial leadership of supporting under fire national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere.

Cde Kasukuwere is accused of fanning factionalism and forming parallel structures in the party.

Central Committee member Cde Butholezwe Ngwenya and party youths Cdes Cosmas Ncube and Maqhawe Sibanda were arrested following Cde Charumbira’s attack.

By end of day yesterday, police were reportedly still rounding up youths involved in the violent clashes.

When our Bulawayo Bureau arrived at Davies Hall at about 10am, police were struggling to contain a group of violent youths that was forcing its way into the hall where the provincial executive led by provincial chairman Cde Dennis Ndlovu was holding a meeting.

The youths, who were chanting slogans, throwing stones into the hall and smashing windows, said they wanted to stop the meeting as they did not recognise the provincial executive.

During the melee, some youths threw pepper spray into the hall, choking provincial executive members inside.

Cde Ndlovu said Cde Charumbira and a group of youths have been disrupting meetings claiming they did not recognise him and his executive.

“We’ve cancelled a number of meetings following disruptions, threats and violence at Davies Hall by some of our youths. We even cancelled a meeting yesterday because of their threats. Today we decided not to abandon the meeting because we need to move forward as a party and were expecting Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko.

“We decided to call the police and continue with the meeting. My position is that I didn’t receive any formal communication regarding Cde Kasukuwere. I therefore can’t take any position or make any decision as the provincial chairman,” said Cde Ndlovu.

He said their provincial meetings were constitutional and they will continue conducting party business until they go for elections.

Cde Ndlovu said during yesterday’s meeting, the executive resolved to suspend the women’s league provincial chairlady Cde Eva Bitu and the secretary for transport Cde Nokuthula Sibanda as well as the deputy provincial commissar Cde Douglas Gangaidzo.

He said the three were suspended for organising a meeting while President Mugabe was addressing the nation at the National Heroes Acre, calling for co-ordinating meetings without the chairman’s knowledge, destabilising the party and mobilising violent demonstrations to disrupt meetings.

The three, Cde Ndlovu added, will receive their official letters pending disciplinary hearing.

Cde Mokgohloa said she sustained injuries on the forehead and on the leg after being attacked by war veterans.

She said the war veterans chairman Cde Cephas Ncube accused her of being Cde Kasukuwere’s prostitute before attacking her.

“He called me Kasukuwere’s prostitute and said I will soon follow Cde Sandi before grabbing my breasts. He said he was looking for a knife that he claimed I was hiding between my breasts. He claimed I had given the weapon to Cosmas Ncube to stab Charumbira.

“I tried to run away but he overpowered me. He teamed up with other war veterans to beat me up and they injured my forehead and leg,” said Cde Mokgohloa.

Cde Charumbira told our Bureau that he was attacked by youths who accused him of organising demonstrations against the provincial executive.

“They attacked me with stones and knobkerries. Cosmas Ncube stabbed me with a knife. This was after they accused me of mobilising people to demonstrate against the chairman and his people.

“We’re having a lot of problems as a province and these issues should be resolved once and for all. These include the formation of parallel structures by Cde Kasukuwere through the provincial executive, co-opting of executive members in the youth league and imposing of executive members,” he said.

Cde Charumbira and the youths spent about five hours trying to gain entry into the hall but failed as the riot police armed with shields, batons and dogs manned the entrance.

The youths calmed down when the Officer Commanding Bulawayo West District Chief Superintendent Mthokozisi Manzini-Moyo held a brief meeting with them outside the hall.

The executive members eventually dispersed at about 3pm under police escort.

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  • Freedom not just Independence

    Yeah, we actually went to war and some people even died for this…that’s the end, we are really part and parcel of the real Africa the world knows about

  • Tarubva

    These are Mzvinavhu and Gonzondishefu’s colleagues! And we seriously expect these Zanu PF people to lead government into creating a developed country? This party is just the worst in history, the very worst worldwide, a party that inherited a highly diversified economy, with a stable currency stronger than the USD, and they pummeled it until it vanished. And now what they do is fighting amongst themselves, jackals!

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      When members of our family fight, we don`t disown them . We call for an Indaba to reconcile them.

  • #Ilookatthefacts

    makagara makadaro vanhu imimi. In the yesteryears, you planted you youths and wrecked havoc during MDC gatherings. Today you fight allies vs allies. The master minders of this fracas wont be charged or questioned. Sick country with your sick president nxaaa.

  • Vangodza

    saka its true kuti Kasukuwere anoda kutibvisira mdhara nhaii thru violence. regai zvedu timubvise mushe neDivided vote. Opp ichibatana isu zvedu tichita devide.

  • xyz

    The police did not arrest anyone despite the violence including sexual assault because it is ZANU PF.

  • Trymore Chimurenga

    Prequel to elections…

  • Tinovaziva

    This is all just sad. It’s all because of one thing. Zanu PF has refused to acknowledge it has problems and stifled verbal debates. I cannot honestly believe for example Robert Mugabe is their best candidate but his supporters within the party just bully and cower people into accepting him. The guys sleeps sorry rests his eyes in every meeting. He signs deals that never materialize everywhere he goes. He is frail and 93. He has had 37 years to prove himself and he has failed. He surrounds himself with petty and unqualified people who are only interested in enriching themselves.

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    Its a pity the gullible party followers bear the consequences of dirty factional fights. Meanwhile the real problems are enjoying life outside the country on official business while those supporting them suffer the embarassment of breast fondling. Kkkkkk. I dont feel sorry for any against whom such thuggery is unleashed if its within the same thuggish party. For as long as the succession debate is regarded a no go area, the stupid party followers will continue to dehumanise each other. And again for as long as such fuckery is in zpf , some idotic wannabes will call it just but a stormy tea cup arguing come 2018 they will win. Suchnis their fixation , the blood stains count for nothing.

  • Kande Mbeu

    Live by the sword….

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Embarrassing stooges of the West like you is no problem at all.

    • succuba

      Why do you tell lies?

  • nelson moyo

    chibhakera – comrades at play – pamberi ne zanupf

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    Continue bring used and few moments later get deposited in the sanitary bin.

  • Widzo

    Everyday when we pray and fast we pray for people like you Prof

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I wonder how you define your Mwari. Real Mwari stands for economic justice on earth. We are created equal in the eyes of God. The Jews who control the Western financial system, the US government in particular, are racists who believe they are closer to Jehovah than other races or tribes. If you have their Jewish“God “ in mind , that is not my religious cup of tea. I don`t expect “kubatsira“ from that God! If Jewish one was our God also , he would curse the West in our favor for imposition sanctions on us over our land issue. Amen.!!!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I hear you but don`t agree with your hogwash! Amen.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I support continue to support ZANU PF , even if our dear leader is promoted to Heaven. I will continue defending ZANU PF. It is not a one leader party. We will elected another leader to takeover in due course , as we have always done at our congresses. So I will not be left without another leader. Get that clear iwe Moyo-ndizvo!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    No one is having the last laugh now. I have made my comment on that Byo tiff elsewhere on this forum.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Are you expecting me to share your Rhodesian nostalgia because of hardships caused by sanctions or any weaknesses in our government? My foot!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Sanctions are pervasively effective against our economy. Those who imposed them are there and are not repealing their sanctions laws. They are not cheating themselves by imposing something useless. Suffice to say sanctions are more than targeting individuals as you are misled by some media reports. Our country risk in the eyes of investors is even worsened by the ban on our Head of State & Govt.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I dont share you Fort Victoria mentality!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I never threaten you. I have always tried to educate you. May be you mean threatening your ignorance? KKKKKiiiiiii!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ndiri ku farm kwangu harvesting soya beans!

    • Panga

      kikikikikikki I thot manga muripowo pajambanja, ndiyo mbiri yenyuka

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    There you said it. As long as the Neanderthals are ruling we will continue drinking faece infested water, driving on roads with more holes than Swiss cheese, and printing our own tissue paper and calling it money. You are insulting all those educated airtime sellers you lied to when you said you will create 2.2m jobs for them. Kleptocrats