Tsvangirai hijacks Dzamara march

Nyemudzayi Kakore Herald Correspondent
MDC-T president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday hijacked the march to mark the first anniversary of the alleged disappearance of journalist-cum-political activist Itai Dzamara.

Dzamara was allegedly abducted by unknown people in Glen View in March last year.

Mr Tsvangirai and the party’s top officials joined the Itai Dzamara family and a few of supporters marching in the city centre.

Addressing the gathering at Africa Unity Square where Dzamara used to call for President Mugabe’s resignation, Mr Tsvangirai demanded that Government produce Dzamara “dead or alive”.

“Let this day, be a day we commit ourselves to say that never again shall this happen again to any Zimbabwean while we remain silent,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

“The Constitution is very clear, we have a right to demonstrate and we can express ourselves peacefully without any violence.”

Mr Tsvangirai questioned why the State authorities reacted angrily when people took to the streets to express themselves in a peaceful manner.

This, he said, was a sign that the authorities were afraid of the people and the crisis they created.

“They are afraid of the crisis they have caused, the degradation, deprivation and poverty that is now rampant,” he said.

Yard leader Mr Temba Mliswa, civic leaders, representatives of the church participated in the solidarity march with the Dzamara family.

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  • Ambivalence

    I didn’t hear anyone calling for help following a hijacking. Mr Tsvangirai is one politician who has been vocal about his concerns over the disapperance of a Zimbabwean citizen. Decent people should be applauded for doing decent things, so Mr Tsvangirai deserves our praise, not ridicle. Even Mr Munangagwa should be praised for voicing the government’s concern over the issue in Parliament this week. After all, we are all human and kind. At least most of us are.

  • SimonPetere

    May the whole country know exactly what happened to Dzamara..and may the wicked people who did this and the party they represent plus the one who ordered the abduction and possibly murder find no peace in their daily lives till they die

  • frank

    He just participated not news at all

  • Maisvoreva

    I am trying to scroll down to the end of the story where the hijacking took place….. The reporter! No different from playing soccer alone where you are the striker and the opponent and the ref. This kind of reporting is outdated in a literate society like ours. Most of these stories would have circulated on social media verbatim well before your cooked articles

  • ashburton grove

    several of his supporters have disappeared in this manner btw.
    so of course he participates.
    unlike some pple who say he’s hiding or say people disappear all the time

  • ashburton grove

    missing persons dept bravo tho

  • JUJU


  • Kabija

    ..”alleged disappearance of …. Dzamara? So you are not certain if he disappeared? What bare you insinuating Cde Journalist? That he is hiding?

    • M N T

      This journalist is just but showing Zanufied tendencies , Denying reality .

    • http://maravi.blogspot.com/ MrK001

      Gift Nhadza was hiding in South Africa. * Remember that incident?

      He is most likely hiding in South Africa.

  • theheraldonline

    Ndeipiko Comment yenyu yaraswa nhai vaChasura?

    • Chasura

      Yanda commentor on the story yekumhanya kwaMugabe kuIndia kunotamba nevana vadiki. Yaburitswa for only some minutes and deleted, why?

      • theheraldonline

        Oh, ok. Unfortunately we closed the discussion on that story due to an increased spam attack. It’s unfortunate some of our colleagues on the platform in their hatred of some individuals try to outdo other participants by spamming the platform. We would not really want to blacklist these spammers because some of them are regular debate drivers on this platform. Once blacklisted or reported to Disqus, they would risk having their accounts and IP addresses blacklisted by the social media company. Inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

  • Isac Hunt

    one day the tables might turn and a Zanu pf supporter goes missing, if that were to happen and a Zanu pf minister were to march in the street in solidarity, what would it be called ?

  • Zimbabwean

    Don’t frame up good people, don’t castigate their character nor make them look bad. If we make everyone look bad, the younger generation has nothing to look up to. Let’s praise what is good and be wise with our dealings with others. Join me to say, “Africa be wise.” The call is the same throughout the world calling for Africa to be wise. It’s time we Praise and celebrate what is good in our society.

  • zvakaoma shuwa

    For the first time herald reported an accurate article. The sad truth is that wht chematama said is the honest truth on the ground

  • Kwamasvondo

    Tsvangirai did not Hijack, he either lowjacked the march,just like all political leaders who have been invited to attend the march showing our displeasure in the dzamara disappearences

  • wenjere

    Just more proof that there is not a single real journalist or sub editor on the Herald. THis is 100% propaganda. As a newspaper you have never reported objectiviely on the Dzamara case and are guilty of partisan coverage. Shameful as usual. Zimbabweans are not nearly as stupid as you may think.