‘Tsvangirai delusional’


Morgan Tsvangirai

Herald Reporter
EMBATTLED MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai is wrong to parade himself as the legitimate leader of the party on his trip to the United Kingdom, while his party is further disintegrating because of his unorthodox leadership.Mr Tsvangirai is in the UK and is today expected to make an address at Chatham House on the topic: “Zimbabwe after the disputed election and the way forward.”

He was initially supposed to speak on the future of opposition politics in Zimbabwe, but changed the subject to deflect focus on himself and his embattled party.

It emerged yesterday that at least 19 legislators from both the National Assembly and Senate have so far defected to the Renewal Team led by secretary general Mr Tendai Biti that suspended Mr Tsvangirai on allegations of failing to provide leadership for the party and bringing its name into disrepute.

The MDC-T has 49 National Assembly members and 21 in the Senate.

The legislators include Tendai Biti (Harare East), Lucia Matibenga (Kuwadzana), Evelyn Masaiti Muzungu (non-constituency), Simon Sipepa-Nkomo (Lobengula), Mrs Roselene Nkomo (Tsholotsho North), Willas Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Solomon Madzore (Dzivarasekwa), Paul Madzore (Glen View South), Reggie Moyo (Luveve) and Bekithemba Nyathi (Pelandaba-Mpopoma).

The others are Judith Muzhavazhe (non-constituency), Brian Tshuma (Hwange Central), Arnold Tsunga (Dangamvura-Chikanga), Gorden Moyo (Makokoba), Moses Manyengavana (Highfied West), Sekai Holland (Senator Harare) Watchy Sibanda (Senator Matabeleland South) and Rorana Muchihwa (Senator Harare).

MDC Renewal Team spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume yesterday said Mr Tsvangirai was not the leader of the MDC-T.

“It is delusionary, the reality on the ground is that he has been suspended and is trying to cling on to power,” he said. “The problems of Zimbabwe are rooted here and this “rally tourism” will not validate him or get him anywhere.”

On the legislators on their side, Mr Mafume could only say most of the parliamentarians were supporting the Renewal Team.

“I cannot comment on individuals, but what I know is that the majority of MPs are for renewal,” he said.

Contacted for comment, MDC-T spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora insisted that Mr Tsvangirai remained the legitimate leader of the MDC-T.

“The MDC-T is united and president Tsvangirai remains the legitimate leader of the party and anybody saying anything to the contrary is mad and is a political failure,” he said.

Mr Mwonzora said that those who were in the Renewal Team had formed their own party and had nothing to do with the MDC-T.

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  • tibvirei

    He has a better grasp of reality compared to those who talk of a revived economy when all around companies are closing and only half a million people are formally employed (statistics from Chinamasa) in a country that has reduced 96% of the population to be vendors. Better sense to say you need to re-engage those you always label devils while you are always out there with a begging bowl from organizations mainly funded by the same people you insult and friends who are confused and hesitant about your blueprint which means you always come back with an empty bowl.

    So tell me who is more real.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Are you saying becoz the sanctions are making it difficult for us to revive our economy , that makes your MDCT stooge-leader better ? Stop celebrating the negative effects of sanctions , when you know this is why people voted against your party last yr! How daft are you not to see the reality about your unpatriotic foolish leader!
      Instead of quoting the statistics about our sick economy , you should put your effort in advising your leader to also call for the total removal of sanctions which are more than targeted to indviduals. Companies cannot work without credit lines becoz of the financial squeeze from sanctions. While you stupidly deny that sanctions are more than targeted , the people now understand why they are suffering . and will not forgive your dying party !
      Do you still remember Morgan calling on SA govt to close its border with Zim to make us suffer hoping we would vote for the sellout party?
      Your lecherous leader used donor funds to womanize , making his neo colonial handlers upset and disillusioned about this fool! Isnt the leadership crisis in MDCT becoz of the West`s desire to change leadership hoping to breath life into this dying satanic project?

      • Musorobhangu

        Tsvangirayi this Tsvangirayi that….makarima winter crops here…?

        • Makusakatara


          Chematama is our winter crop!!

          • Musorobhangu

            kkkkkk…Nice one…hope will never go hungry again.!!!!

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          Many farmers are not growing Winter wheat becoz its not that profitable, among other reasons, such as finance for inputs!

      • Makusakatara


        Brilliant contribution there Prof. Thank you for helping these self-hating Zimbabweans who see nothing positive in or about Zimbabwe.

      • Finito

        I think rather than praise sanctions as you do (prof?), we should be putting measures to bust them. Why concentrate on this Tsvangiboy? Smith managed to transform the Rhodesian country that was under (UN) sanctions to a sophisticated economy that was able to sustain itself. The rhodies managed to manufacture (military) cars from scratch. They managed to secure Feruka pipeline (PPP), they managed to re-capacitate Harare thermal station and extend the Kariba and Hwange power stations, increase capacity of Sable plant, created a vibrant manufacturing industry and the MOST sophisticated financial system in sub-saharan Africa (yes S.A was behind). Whilst we at present are busy looting our own minerals, spreading greediness and corruption all over economic sectors and concentrating on a person that we have since labelled a nonentity. We must look in ourselves first before we cry foul. So you mean as long as Morgan is alive, Zimbabwe cant move on???? the sanctions mantra will become tired one day. Lets focus on rebuilding Zimbabwe than wasting time attacking and denigrating each other like loose baboons, as if it will bring food to our tables. I believe most of us are adults who went to school. Finito.

        • tibvirei

          To those who think that is all that the sanction narrative has been all along – a mantra with no substance. It took long but even they have admitted that it was all tall tales.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          Smith had most Western countries breaching the sanctions becoz of the COLD WAR ,. He told the West that he was fighting communists terrorists. You will remember that Mandela was classified as a terrorist by th US govt ..They were embarrassed that when he became the SA President they forgot to remove him from the list. He was then only removed to facilitate his visit US at the govt invitation! Smith was assited to break the sanctions . Secondly , the Rhodesian economy catered for few(300 000) whites . The economy did not feel the pressure as ours which has to cater for millions. We dont need Morgan to die for our economy to improve , but we need sanctions removal , which Morgan fooolishly supports. You cannot explain our economic problems only by pointing at corruption cases! Yes we should remove all corrupt cases but other counries with corruption also are doing better without sanctions. Can you explain why the US govt continue sanctions on our diamonds after the Kimberly approval? Which country that has no corrupt people under the sun. Even at the VATICAN , there are corrupt holy lot too!
          Your TSVANGIRUZA must also call for the removal sanctions! Period!

      • Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

        Ahhh kkkk maSanctions kuitasei? What about corruption,nepotism and greed that has killed the country nxaa.Smith anga asina maSanctions here?

  • Makusakatara

    War Vet;

    A dog with rabbis, although sooner than later it will die of its disease; if left to roam the streets, it can kill many people and infect or kill other animals before dying. We need to guard ourselves against chigeben’a; it is much more dangerous than a mountain cobra.

  • Makusakatara


    This is what should show you that he is now, like Smith, irrelevant, dead and buried. Newspapers write about the late racist Ian Smith about everyday and all the time but do you think we fear he will resurrect?

    NO, it is only done to ensure that no one else goes that route – the selling out route that Chematama chose and which resulted in him losing the 31 July 2013 harmonised elections, but not before destroying the Zimbabwe economy through campaigning or calling for crippling, deleterious, debilitating, destructive and devastating ECONOMIC SANCTIONS.

    • Disaster

      You do not pay an ex-Mossad agent $3 million to entrap a useless opposition party leader. And you certainly do not spend so much time and resources attacking him if he is ineffective.

      • Makusakatara


        It really depends at which stage you say someone is useless. Chematama was not how or what he is today in 1999. In 1999 he called the shots and nearly succeeded in selling this country to imperialists; he almost reversed – at the stroke of a pen – all the gains made during the struggle and after independence.

        From 1998 up until 2008 he had such clout as being able to convince imperialists to impose cruel, crippling, illegal, racist, deleterious, debilitating, dehumanising and devastating economic sanctions on a whole nation.

        This is how he managed, through his thugs in the stooge and sellout MDC party, to draft ZiDERA and hoodwink the American regime into making it into law.

        Today though, he has become a nonentity; he foolishly squandered all the chances he had at becoming the SELLOUT PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY. Because of his many and numerous omissions and commissions, Chematama is now disliked not only by his masters but also by his fellow sellouts who do so with passion.

        That is how he has become a nonentity; this is how he has become a useless idiot domestically and internationally.

    • Madzungu

      Anyone who sees any hope in Chematama is simply hopeless!

      • Makusakatara


        I agree with you!

  • Makusakatara


    Why shouldn’t he??

    • s shumba

      Where do u come in on this – are u Cde Mzvina… . Give us yo own comment

      • Makusakatara


        No, I am not Cde Mzvinavhu but that was my comment and if you get the chance, scroll down or up so you can see many of my other comments on this very issue. And may I also ask; Are you Kutototo??

  • Choks

    ko murume uyu zvaanoita ma comments akawanda everytime there is an article about him. mmm haa chikara zveshuwa kkkk anyone angopinda mupolitics anongotaura nezvake chamatama. its now one year after we won the elections and you are after this man. please tell us about the anniversary celeberations dzekuhwina ma elections dzatiri kuronga nezvadzo. musiyei akadaro murume uyu inga akaruza wani.

  • s shumba

    Why is the Herald fighting the Renewal Team’s war.
    Pple of Zim are not stupid, they can read between, above, below the line. That is why they are “Number 1, literate in Africa” as you report.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Why do you doubt my sanity ? Yes I believe in what I have posted . I have repeated myself daily in my comments harping against sanctions. How can we have a leader who supports sanctions that make his people suffer , claiming to be fighting for their interests? Do you still remember Biti writing to the US govt against sanctions on our diamonds after he had discovered that the 2011govt budget he had anchored on diamonds revenue inflows was going to negatively be affected by ZEDRA sanctions? Diamond revenue funds are blocked by the US banks( as if they are terrorist funds) becoz the companies are on the sanctions list . Biti had forgotten the trip he and Englishman Ncube had done in 2002 to the US to lobby for that sanctions law at the US Congress on behalf of MDC sellouts ! . Nehanda forbid!

    • kutototo

      Now I see where the problem is, you thing the economy started performing badly in 2000 after the formation of the MDC, but for older people like me, i know for sure that the economy died a long time ago. In 1990 Edwin Hama sang the song ‘Asila Mali’ lamenting the hyperinflation at that time as the economy had started its downward trend. He sang the song after the price of bread had gone up from 50c to 75c and in his words he sang like ‘ I have been counting my change from a dollar after buying bread, this dollar is getting small ….’ and funy parties like MDC came as a result of the failure by the government of the day. So in your eyes the problem is not us, its the west with such mindset we are doomed because there is not point in trying to fix our economy because of the sanctions. Just think of it, we export goods to Europe, Asia and America, we import from them, so in such an environment we should be able to look after ourselves. The story of our diamonds is a sad one, we are selling and there is little revenue being remitted into the national coffers and we want to blame the sanctions, its time we “Zimbabweans” drop the blame game and be the solution to our problems.

  • skhokho


  • Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

    Why is Mafume talking about the MDC T when he is spokesman for Mazoe Orange Party? Endayi makanyarara mhani!