Acting President slates pretentious fifth columnists

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter—

Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken a swipe at people seeking to drive a wedge between him and President Mugabe by going around purporting to support him and zanu-pf, when in actual fact they are cat’s paws of hostile forces.

Such elements, the Acting President said, were actually against the party and President and their machinations were bound to fail.

In a statement last night, the Acting President also rapped the same elements whom he said had a well-documented history of disloyalty for claiming to support or act in the name of Zanu-PF, or of individuals in the party, while attacking the President.

“Against the background of many utterances and activities, all of them unsolicited but claiming or seeking association with my person, my family and or my position both in Zanu-PF and in Government, I want to make it clear that there are elements on the loose who talk and act as if they support me and or the party, Zanu-PF, when in fact they are being handled and managed from elsewhere by hostile forces,” he said.

“These elements are against the President, are against the party and its leadership. In other instances, they have a history of disloyalty to the party and hostility to the President, which is well- documented.

“It is preposterous to claim to support or act in the name of the party, or of individuals in Zanu-PF, while at the same time attacking President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, himself the undisputed leader of our party.

“Simply put, one cannot pretend to support the party while rejecting its President, attacking its core tenets, or undermining it’s tried and tested ways of conducting its business.”

The Acting President spoke in the wake of feverish tweets by Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology DevelopmentMinister Professor Jonathan Moyo’s who tried to give a sinister reading to a picture that features the Acting President holding a cup inscribed ‘‘Í am The Boss’’ while flanked by controversial businessman, Energy Mutodi.

It has since emerged that the mug in question was part of the numerous Christmas presents that the Acting President received for Christmas which he took to his rural home unopened.

When the Acting President and his family were opening the gifts around 10pm at night, Mutodi – who masqueraded as an MP – arrived, uninvited, and began posing for pictures which he posted on social media where they were latched onto by Prof Moyo who feverishly began tweeting to give them a sinister interpretation.

Prof Moyo even tried to link the picture of the mug to an article titled, ‘’the last days of Robert Mugabe’’ that was published by the British publication, The New Statesman on January 1.

‘‘Mug-saga can’t hide link of photo & this article!’’ Prof Moyo tweeted.

Writing on his Facebook page yesterday, Mutodi cast aspersions at President Mugabe, in addition to berating Prof Moyo for ‘’seeing treason in a tea cup’’.

Acting President Mnangagwa said if one did not support President Mugabe, it meant they did not support him as part of the same Presidium, which the President heads or the party.

‘’I go farther to say if you do not support the President who is my leader, it means you do not support me as part of the same Presidium which the President heads, or the Party.

“Equally, all those who are bent on drawing a wedge between me and my leader, Cde R.G Mugabe, are sure to fail. My association, belief and loyalty to the President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF, Cde R.G Mugabe, goes far back in history and got deepened and strengthened even further during the days of our armed struggle for national liberation.

“That loyalty and belief remains undiminished and is too deep to be shaken by cheap and contrived malice,’’ Cde Mnangagwa said.

Cde Mnangagwa has worked closely with President Mugabe for over 52 years from the liberation struggle and in both Zanu-PF and Government since 1980.

“Let it also be known that our party, Zanu-PF has one national spokesperson. It has one mouthpiece and established channels and platforms for communicating its views, ideas, policies and activities.

“Those who have either been expelled from the party, or who zealously designate themselves as its mouthpiece, are not, and cannot, speak for it. Kana wabva pana VaMugabe wabva paleadership yese yemusangano,” said Acting President Mnangagwa.

Prof Moyo, who has previously been expelled from Zanu-PF for indiscipline, has arrogated himself the role of de facto Party spokesman on Twitter where he continues posting about party and Government business against President Mugabe’s wise counsel to keep party and Government business off social media.

Counsel, President Mugabe repeated at the 16th Annual National People’s Conference in Masvingo in December last year but which has gone unheeded principally by Prof Moyo who is no stranger to hobnobbing with hostile forces as revealed by the whistleblower website, Wiki-Leaks.

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  • Ndini Uyo

    Ummmm!!! I shall not speak. Prof is exercising his right of freedom of speech. Let’s be real Cde Reporter!

  • Judas Iscariot

    Lloyd Gumbo don’t think we’re stupid. So Mutodi just invited himself to the acting president’s house just in time to open gifts? Is our security that bad,that one can claim to be an Mp and simply get clearance to go and visit the acting president and his family? Vano zivana vanhu ava, but ED didn’t expect the pictures to be made public. Remember first lady and Chivhayo having lunch in Dubai and then pleading with Chivhayo not to make it public. Ngwena wants to be the boss and there’s nothing wrong with that, man up Ngwena.Ngwena is now worried because he was dining with a known critic of the president. Mutodi didn’t just show up at ED’s house,no way you can try to spin it all you want.

  • Moe_Syzlack

    ….undermining it’s tried and tested ways of conducting its business…If ever there was any doubt that ED is useless just read this article. How can a grown man grovel and bootlick the shrivelled a** of a known 92yr old proven loser like this? Tried and tested on failure more like it. Just stop this nonsense of pretending to be ruling. Munoda kutonga chii? Nzara, joblessness, potholes, poverty? What exactly do you want to dine ED? Just piss off you and your loser geriatrics. Tisiyei titange kugadzirisa nyika yedu

    • ndux

      dont be naive man, ED is not useless. he has survived this far and helped the party survive in the proccess, from time of liberation struggle. he is no cheap man

  • too observant

    Not sure I get it. He posed with Mutodi willingly and now there is an attempt to say the same guy a known lacoste supporter could have been working with Prof…Hapana story apa

  • truths

    A skewed & idiotic article by the
    herald, trying to twist facts on ground.
    Just eat the humble pie in silence.

  • juju

    If it is true that he defied the President why was he not fired? Why did the President protect him from being arrested? Whats wrong with Moyo tweeting his thots. He is exercising his freedom of expression. If you are offended why read his tweets. Absolutely nothing wrong in having a mug or even harbouring Presidential ambition. This is Democracy Zimbos focus on bread and butter issues not a mug.

  • eliah

    They are gaping holes in this story. Asi chokwadi ndechekuti this time VP iyi inogona kukunetsayi kuibuda.

    • DK

      Kubata cup yakanzi boss uri mumba mako zvonetsa kutsanangura? ED has served Mugabe for years and has saved him too. Enemies have picked this up and want to spoil the act for ED. Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa. Du**** ndi Jonathan Moyo.

      • eliah

        Do not be careless in whatever form if you are living life in that lane, as you are being watched 24/7.. Whatever the VP says now unfortunately it’s not going to stick.

    • ndux

      hapana chonetsa kubuda apa. inyaya matope idzi. remember he has survived worse, including a 1000 conferences and more serious machinations, including the hangman’s noose back then. zvikoforo izvi

      • eliah

        True, but mumwemusi gava richadembura musungo.On a lighter note Chris you should start looking for a team leader for Lacoste as your preferred candidate is now switching over to G40 ,not sure if he will get a good reception.

  • Tari

    The guilt are afraid. ….”President ndinovada………we have been together for 52 years…….blarr blarr”. They end up over speaking and flattering……Dr Grace Mugabe is indeed a prophet and can see a man hiding behind a finger.

  • Tendai

    This is more than a storm in a coffee mug! VP is proving to be a coward, now tucking his tail between his legs, just as he did at Tsholotsho!!


    U dont know the VP. he knows Mugabe to the core. hapana chinomboitika kwaari. musanyepererwe. Mugabe is now very lenient denop kuri kudhara action yakatorwa kudhra

    • ndux

      vaudze ED ndozvibaba zvemusangano haikona vokusvika zuro ava

  • Muchenjeri

    a dumb article
    ED has a habit of taking people for granted hence his condescending attitude when asked on national issues in parliament. ED is not so clever as his idiotic supporters want us to believe, all he has is the abuse of power and state apparatus at his disposal. Take away the army and the police and the judiciary that he abuses, he will be dumber than the dumbest.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    VP vabahwa! Panenyaya apa! It has been his strategy of using proxies like Mutodi to test ideas in the public domain. How can the VP in all honesty open for Mutodi at 10pm in the evening and drink alcohol into the wee hours then claim not to know him?? CIO should investigate this. Haisi nyaya yaMoyo, siyanai naye!

    • ndux

      ed ndovanotonga nyaya dzemusangano nekuita all vital decisions saka havangatambudzwi nenyaya yecup yakanyorwa kkkkkk

      • Gushungo WekuGP

        You tend to defend him too much beyond logic are you part of the Lacoste cabal?

  • Chihelele

    This croc or rather lizard is a coward. He is now going down on his knees grovelling to 93 year old Mugabe because of komichi. Mnangagwa is justice minister, he is Vice President, that’s boss enough . He didn’t need to go this low to deny that he is a boss. That’s his style, using proxies for his schemes then back off wen the kitchen heat gets too much

  • BringBackOurFlag

    United we stand divided we fall. 2018 is around the corner. Unity Unity Unity!

  • Department 6

    so Mutodi just invited himself? manage to get up close and get pictures vachiita cheers on top of that?
    EDM is the company of friends (hangoners) that u keep which causing u this trouble

  • muparavanda

    This reporter is the dumbest of em…your attempt to twist the facts here is pathetic to say the least. Singing for your supper i suppose? Gutter journalism…thats what this is…Shame on you Mr reporter!!!