Senior cop probed over fake ‘spot fine’ books

Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Herald Reporter
A SENIOR policeman based at Marlborough Police Station has been fingered as the brains behind the processing of counterfeit Admission of Guilt deposit fine books (ZJ69) that are being used by “unscrupulous” cops manning roadblocks. This has raised fears that unsuspecting motorists are being issued with fake receipts, with the police officers pocketing the money.

Government has directed that the roadblocks be reduced to four per province and the officers deployed elsewhere. The case came to light after two police constables were arrested in Marlborough recently manning a roadblock with a fake ZJ69 book and implicated Inspector Victor Jaja.

Insp Jaja is responsible for administration at the police station. The two constables were arrested by two senior police officers based at Marlborough Police Station on March 3 following a tip-off and they reportedly told the officers that they had been given the fake receipt book by Insp Jaja.

It is reported that the two constables, whose case is still pending before the courts, however, later changed their statements and alleged that they were given the receipt book by the officer-in-charge.

Although chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday, sources close to the matter confirmed that Insp Jaja was under investigation.

The sources said sometime in 2013, two constables based in Tsholotsho were dismissed from the force after they were found in possession of a fake ZJ69 book. At that time, Insp Jaja was reportedly based at that station, where he was responsible for administration before he was transferred to Beitbridge Police Station.

In Beitbridge, sources said two constables were found in possession of seven fake ZJ69 books and implicated Insp Jaja. Investigations carried out revealed that the fake books had been printed in South Africa and the two junior officers were dismissed from the force.

Insp Jaja was among the more than 500 police officers that Government redeployed from Beitbridge District to other stations countrywide in August last year.

He was deployed to Marlborough Police Station in Harare. Insp Jaja (42) has been suspended from the force and is yet to appear before a disciplinary hearing.

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  • Development Proponent

    I think all these cops seen carrying spikes are actually using fake books judging by the energy and zeal with which they try to execute their tasks. There are established cartels in the police force that are now deeply entrenched in the system such that resolving this matter now requires a concerted effort from all concerned. How else do you explain open defiance of the law by those that are supposed to enforce the law? This is now as clear as mud that we are now dealing with a national crisis in the police force which might now unfortunately require revamping as this can become a source of turmoil in the country as the unaccountable funds might find their way to individuals in the force who might end up running personal fiefdoms unaccountable to anyone including the head of state and government. This is how mafia gangsterism and state capture may manifest itself thus threatening our peace and stability as a nation. This might sound far fetched to the short sighted amongst us but those that understand how powerful crime syndicate operate globally will tell you the folly in not dealing with this cancer with the urgency it deserves. They can capture all pillars of the state and manipulate these to their advantage in their insatiable quest for money, power and dominance.

  • Thetruthshallcome

    And this corrupt Inspector is still in the job? No wonder we will talk and talk and talk until we talk. I more. I am not going to pay spot fine. Am going to boycott and refuse to be abused by this corrupt law enforcement system.

  • Thetruthshallcome

    That is why people no longer have any respect for the police. It’s corruption from the top.

  • Thetruthshallcome

    Corruption from the top.

  • Bee

    Right from the top to the very bottom – all corrupt!!!

  • Ray Mbada

    You can condemn the whole force but they are just a trailer, when the engine is at fault, we can’t be seen to conduct repairs on any other part of the vehicle except the faulty engine alone unless it’s done to blind the nation like in this case. Are the likes of Chihuri on the job on competency grounds or on political grounds? Can’t we find someone with a clear mind to run this force which has become a cost center for both the public and state at large? Yes, it cannot be an over-night job but it’s long overdue because look at how many junior officers have lost their jobs at the cost of Jaja (Isp) and the question remains open as to who is behind this Jaja? Where was the decision cooked to fire all junior officers who clearly mentioned jaja? and living the culprit on board? What was the reason for transferring more than 500 police officers from Beitbridge to Harare? Is that solving a problem or transferring the problem?

    Today we are reading a case in which senior officers are in court after they were fingered by a junior for being corrupt and the senior corrupt officers are battling to charge the junior if it were not for the clever representation by Lawyer Samukange. But we are all gazing helplessly as if corruption by senior officers is not crime.

  • Turbo

    So Charity Charamba had nothing to do with the article, not even in her capacity as the spokesperson for police, seeing as she couldn’t be reached for comment. Why then is it her picture that was used here? You know the accused, you know the Commissioner-General with whom the buck in all things police stops, wouldn’t it more apt to use one of theirs?